General information on flu vaccines in the UK 2016/17

Well received phone call to go get my flu shot AND am going to get it again.

Contains lots of antibiotics and i want my egg lol they say one egg one person one vaccine.

Hope my eggs not rotten one BUT the do egg free egg HOWs that work eh

Here is info on this years and think as trace aliment of Azithromycin

Inactivated Flu Vaccine info 2016/17

What amazed me is influenza is virus that kills thousands each winter BUT every time i see my GP he says virus cant causes lung infections and wont give me or rotate my antibiotics.

Can enyone explane that I would be very intrested :)

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Hi Jeff, I was very interested to read that there were trace elements of four antibiotics in the flu vaccine. All nasty old fashioned ones I might add and this will be a trace, too little to do anything. I would say it probably gets in from the egg product used to manufacture the vaccine in as hens are routinely fed antibiotics. I cannot find any reference to azithromycin but if you have found it it probably got in the same way.

When youcatch a virus,

Sorry Jeff it posted itself too early. When you get a virus, any virus, there is danger that a secondary, bacterial infection will develop on the back of it. The bacteria are opportunistic and use the fact that the body is suppressed by the virus to get in. People like us are more susceptible to this happening because of the lung conditions which we already have. This is why we need the flu vaccination and should avoid anyone with a virus like the plague ( so to speak). There is no point in your doctor giving you antibiotics if you have a virus but you should have a rescue pack at home that you can start as soon as you recognise the signs that a secondary infection is setting in. If he doesn't let you have a rescue pack it would be a good idea to refer him to the COPD guidelines. Hope that helped.

Hi stillstanding thanks for reply totally forgot about infections farm animals get.

But you right about piggy back infections HAD few those MY doctor calls them transient infection opportunistic little buggers.

Must say they are pain MiGHT ask for egg free one see if thats any diffrant AS eating eggs use to make me ill not all time tho just know and again.

Thanks forcomment reminder

love your docs description of secondary infections!

Pete is prone to infection and switches between Azith and Doxy to maximise protection.

StillStanding has posted a great reply. Xxxx

I sassy sorry to hear bout petes infections defo right pain.

This last year i had new one every month OR was old one doctors never quite cleared.

Is Pitts and all antibiotics don't half play hell on your guts

All good here for now JAS but do worry about winter and all it brings. Flu jab next month for us. Take care. Xxxx

Hi sassy 59 azith worked great for six years for me then just stopped. At the same time my heart failed which means that I couldn't take it or doxy anyway because of my heart drugs. A real bummer! I'm glad that they are working for Pete and hope that it continues for a long time.

Thank you Stillstanding, not great when things don't work out. Good wishes to you and your family. Xxx

SS, I've seen you mention this before and don't really understand it. When you say your heart failed, which heart ailment are you referring to ? Is it this right-sided heart failure ? This sounds so drastic but in someone so obviously energetic and busy as you, I'm wondering how it manifests itself and what drugs are necessary. As you might know from my forum agonisings, I have to decide whether I'll take statins or not when yesterday's Cholestrol test results come in. Do you think the strain on your lungs caused your heart problem ?

Hi Billiejean. I have Atrial Fibrillation and left ventricle dilated cardiomyopathy. This means that my left ventricle is floppy and can't pump as hard as undamaged muscle.My heart consultant thinks that it was brought on by a virus. My AF was picked up several times, once during the trial for inhaled cipro. They kept saying it was 'nothing much'. I began getting fluttery fainty feelings and progressively breathless. You and I both know that we can recognise if our breathlessness is to do with our condition playing up or not. My consultant kept telling me that I wasn't handling my bronch properly ( oh yes!). My GP half heartedly suggested a 24 hour trace. Then Ifound it almost impossible to walk from the car park into the QE. Still told it was my chest. Went on a cruise during which my legs swelled like two tree trunks and I was dragging myself along the corridor and, can you believe it, to the coach to go on trips. When I got back All of the symptoms continued. Suddenly Icouldn't breathe when I was in bed. I was lying on my elbows, trying to breathe by using the sides of my lungs. My GP was still sending off sputum samples even though I could hardly drag myself into her room. Just as I was leaving I said ' my daughter thinks this is my heart'. She rolled her eyes and felt my wrist. Then all hell broke loose. She called for the ecg machine. Heart rate 179 and all over the place. Blood pressure on the floor. That evening I was in the con's office. He had to virtually carry me down the corridor to get there. He was deeply shocked that I hadn't keeled over and just stopped and said he just had to concentrate on stabilising me. I now take digoxyn to help my heart pump, candesartin to keep my arteries open, bisopralol to lower my heart rate ( it also makes my blood pressure drop unfortunately) and apixaban to stop my blood clotting due to the AF.With that he managed to get me going again and so far so good. I am b determined to carry on as much as before as I can within the boundaries of the conditions that I have. I very much pace myself so people don't usually notice but I do struggle sometimes. I have my suspicions about azith as I read that it can cause AF and I had been taking it for 3 years when the symptoms started. I don't want to put anybody off though because it is only a suspicion. My cholesterol is on the floor so I don't need statins. I really don't like the sound of them but they help some people. hope that answers your puzzles. xx

Sheesh ! That's scary. Really scary to think you could be presenting with all those cardiac symptoms for so long and go in diagnosed. I try and try to have faith in the medical profession and the hospital I attend but sometimes it's hard. When my micro vascular angina was picked up, I'd been complaining of chest pain that wasn't pleuritic, for about three months. The doctor I was dealing with, clearly thought I was either imagining it or exaggerating it and only sent me for the angiogram to shut me up. When you have a chronic illness, no matter how well-informed you are and even how articulate or assertive you are, there's always a certain amount of thinking every symptom you have comes from one source. It's wearing and downright dangerous some times. BTW, I'm on my first week of the antibiotics for one week per month regime. How this works out is that I've had half the medication for half the time needed to sort out a flare up. Right now, sore, more sob then usual and crackles that are deafening. But no sputum apart from a tiny bit behind the mouth. This is back to where I was in 2014 - constant non-productive exacerbations that respond ( temporarily ) to antibiotics. I think this is because Colomycin is protecting me from bugs like pseudomonas but doesn't completely suppress the inflammation and residual symptoms. Productive coughs are horrid but at least you know where you are with them. Hope all going well with your daughter's treatment and that you are not exceeding your limited reserves of energy.

Hi stillstanding i to had to stop AZ over heart issues.

I sufferd heart issue wile driving had to stop thought was going to die next day i suffered neck mouth paralysis.

Was like i had a stroke DEFO experience not to be repeated.

Have you ever suffered paralysis from them antibiotics

It's interesting that you had heart issues due to azith. I haven't had paralysis due to antibioticsbut have had a funny feeling almost as though I was having a mini fit once or twice when taking cipro for a really bad exacerbation.

Guess this loads the dont tell us about meds IS on my medical record now about AZ half battle is if the bother to wade threw them

Jeff, I was just wondering when the flu vaccine would be made available. Thanks for letting us know.

just booked mine, thanks to Jeff reminding us.

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