Second Independent Review of PIP

The Department for Work and Pensions is seeking feedback on how the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment is working. If you have previously applied for PIP and would like to take part in the review find out more here, by 16th September.

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I cant really complain lot of dwp ilegal activity that was shocking ihave not experienced with this years review ... the even spoke to my lung doctor rather than lie and say the had..

Would of preferred a cure really but guess small mercies better than kick up the ass.

Think this might be inundated

Definitely and rightly so xx

I have 'pinned' your post for a while to give everyone a chance to see it before it slips down the board.

Me and the wife took my youngest son to a pip assesment and all we got we tryed to phone you but no did then a woman can in and gess what they told her the same thing about 5 people who came in hd told them the same .SEE HOW THEY LIE .as no one phoned at all as when i showed them my phone as i do not delet any phone calls at all it was only to say that they could not see my son as no lift working at all and no room down stairs to see him

they seem good at that kind of thing . I had an assessment booked for a esa medical couple of months back early Saturday morning 7 miles from us when we got there they was a notice on the door all assessment cancelled as staff shortage , they send me another appointment when we got there the receptionist said I rang you to cancel for today I said when she said 10 mins ago what good is 10 mins before your appointment when you have to travel there does she think I travel by helicopter , she said you can wait and see if we can fit you in but we cant guarantee we will and you may have to wait a while 3 other people before us in waiting room then doctor came out and called me in first so glad I did wait other wise it would have been another trip back up there

Thank you for the info. I have been refused twice now so am appealing to DWP ... I am definitely looking with a view to taking part.

Thanks again


I calimed PIP back 2years ago it took me over a year to get help I think that's wrong they should have some immediate help for us

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