ECigs how bad are they for an emphysema patient?

How bad are e cigs for emphysema patients? I'm trying to get my father to quit smoking and thought that the ecig could be a solution to help quit. Replace the cigs with a ecig and then slowly wean off of the ecigs. But, I know they still have to be irritants for the lungs and that they really can't be good. Is it a bad idea?

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  • Medical peeps don't think that e cigs are anywhere near as dangerous. I would encourage him to try an e cig. I stopped smoking using patches and prayer

  • I think there was talk of putting them on presciption.I think much better than tobacco but not perfect. X

  • I used ecigs to give up 12 days after i was diagnosed and still use them but now on low nicotine 6mg. From my point of view they do not irritate my lungs at all and now i can't stand the smell of cigs

  • Hi Davis , I used e cig to give up smoking with th blessing of my doctor, they never irritated my lungs and once I got used to it, giving up was quite easy, then reduced the nicotine content of the e liquid, its a lot safer the smoking cigarettes 👍

  • I know next to nothing about them Davis, but at least he won't be getting the nasty damaging tar which is in cigarettes. :)

  • I used them to give up smoking January 2015 and my lungs have been a lot better ever since. I do still use my e cig and enjoy it Having tried everything to give up over the years this is the only thing that enabled me to stay off the weed.

  • Hi, There are two types of ecig fluid PG and VG(vegetable oil base).Only buy a small amount as you may find he cant tolerate the PG and maybe have to mix a small amount of pg with a larger amount of vg say 20/80. If you google ecig or vaping liquid theres loads of info out there. I bought the menthol as I liked menthol cigs,tried the tobacco flavour and found it tasted awful, but there are loads out there to choose from. I hope with your help he eventually manages to kick the cigs. Good luck xx

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