Any advice on stopping smoking?

My father has a lung function of 47%. For the past 2 weeks he's been cutting back on the smoking going from 3 packs/day down to a little less than 1 pack/day. I just can't seem to get him to try to quit all together. Any advice? I know for some it takes a while to quit. I bought the Nicotine lozenges he said they taste terrible and make his stomach upset. He has patches but doesn't leave them on long always taking them off and going for a smoke. I was wondering do nerve pills help with the anxiety of stopping? Would that help? What helps a person quit?

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Hi there's lots of different aids to help stop smoking. Speak to any chemist they are a good help. There is also quit support on here.


I would try e cigs they worked for me E Lites are the ones I use, I have not had a cigarette since 23rd march 2012. Just try them.

thank you I was wondering about e cigs.

I would recommend the ecig too. I stopped 23 months ago using one. I would also recommend the quit support site.

just went out and bought him a e cig we'll see if it helps.

I hope he will use it--Mmet Do go to Quit Support on here--That will help you too and him

I would also recommend ecigs, i stopped smoking 12 days after diagnosis 31st March 2015, not touched a cig since and can't even stand the smell of them.

I am now on low nicotine only 6mg.

I know how tough it is to stop smoking but everybody is different,the most beautiful photo of my first grand-son(15 now)stopped me smoking instantly,I had been thinking about it for 20 years 😀😁.

From 60 a day to 0...Absolutely amazed myself and my ever growing family.I've now got 4 grand-kids everyone of them a treat I my life.I may have COPD but my g/children saved my life thru 1 photo.

I hope and pray that your father can find a piece of magic that can help him stop and extend his life to see his family be all they can be.

Blathering on now,got a tear in my eye thinking about that photo.

I hope your Dad gets there.


That is such a touching story! I find it truly amazing going from 60 cigs to 0 - I am struggling and I am an 8 a day smoker! I have bought an electronic device but haven't got started on it yet. Your story puts me to shame, I have four wonderful grandchildren. I will think of you as I fight my battle. Best wishes.

No shame...I never thought I would have grand-children my boys were intent on never having children but when my oldest started it seemed he found the happiness I found when we had them.

I just thought I must see him growing up and see what he can be...he's hoping to go into health care but he's still young...we'll see.

Now I've got another 3 to marvel at...such a privilege to be in this position.

Never thought being called Papa and given a hug could reduce this tough old man to tears.

Rambling again

Look at your 4 wonderful grandchildren and ask yourself is another fag worth the risk of not seeing them grow up and being themselves.

Hope you stub it out and enjoy living your life with them with you in their lives.


After 40+yrs of smoking cigs and pipe I quit after about 4 acupuncture treatments. It really works and I have had no cravings since I stopped. it may not work for everyone but it's worth a try. Insurance in the USA does not cover but may in UK. Treatment here is about $50-75 US.

Davis,he can cut down but as far as quitting he has to want to--Don't feel guilty because you don't have the answer--The answer is within him--Everything you mentioned helps if the desire to quit is there--I weaned gradually--(I got down to one cig a day and was taking drags and butting--I supplemented that once in a while with an ecig--and then quit--took about 6 months total that way--Would he do an ecig--? I don't believe that is truly quitting as you remain addicted to drug but would help keep the smoke out of lungs--How long has he smoked?I smoked 53 years and quitting really brought a bunch of health problems with it--They may have been there but I didn't know it--so he should talk to a knowledgeable dr (which im finding are few)before quitting completely--Very hard on an older person--after decades --I am 67--and sure didn't expect congestive heart failure--Don't forget it isn't just lungs--it is heart and whole circulatory system--Just some things to think about--Im hoping things will turn around for me soon--or I will adapt--Its a new life but not what I dreamed of--I think it takes time--I wish you and your dad luck---Mmet Is he on oxygen? My o2 is 78% at nite and that is dangerously low--47% would scare me straight--Im not discouraging him from quitting--I just am sharing my story

He has smoked for 50 years he's 62 this week. He's trying the ecig now. His o2 doesn't go below 94 resting or walking around. He's currently only on oxygen at bed time. I'm hoping that quitting will bump the lung function up maybe over 50% but you never know it could be less also. I guess time will tell.

Are you sure you meant94??????? Mine is 78 at rest so im on o2 at night--daytime around 88 to 90-I don't understand bump up over 50 when it is alreadyacceptable ---I wish I had those numbers--Maybe Im not understanding or you made a typo? xxx MmeT You said 47% at top in 1st letter--

Yes his o2 on pulse oximeters never drops below 94 it's normally around 97. The lowest I have ever seen it drop was 89 when he was in the hospital with pneumonia and sepsis. His lung function is 47% according to his last test in may. I just hope that after quitting smoking and taking medicine now, that his lung function may bump up back to stage 2.

what is diff between oximeter reading and lung function ?/ Is lung function spirometry done at Drs? I passed that--Oximeter was 90 this am--but was on o2 all nite-xx MmeT 47% ? He is on o2 all the time??

The spirometer will determine your lung function (how severe your condition is). The oximeter measures the amount of oxygen carried in the blood. They are 2 completely different things.

ok thank you for info---MmeT

Hi There no easy task giving up smoking thought I would never get there after many failed attempts over the years mostly because I really couldn't afford it, but when health issues arose I took it serious and what worked for me was Champix through the NHS and support of the Doctor weekly visits both for myself and husband as I couldn't do it alone if I was giving up so was my husband, otherwise I thought I would just drift back into the habit again he reluctantly went on the course with me and he was so glad he did as we both were surprised at how clever those little pills were cant explain how they did it but they trigger something in the brain to put you right off. To this day we can't stand the smell of cigarettes. You can still smoke while taking the tablets it is a 6-12 week course so anything between 6-12 weeks you will have stopped worked for me some people get headaches or dizziness but if you eat properly and take the tablets with food as directed you should be ok. I was so proud of myself but you have to want to stop smoking. Maybe give it a try. X

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