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For the past 15 Years I have used successfully Bi PAP + OXYGEN Therapy to assist Kypho Scholiosis related breathing issues in the care of an NHS Hospital

Recently I succumbed to CAP (community acquired pneumonia)

TUESDAY 23rd AUGUST I felt unwell and unusually went back to bed.

WEDNESDAY I noticed a slight wheeze from my chest, I commenced taking emergency backup supply of antibiotics provided by my consultant

Returned to bed staying on my Bi PAP extremely tired ! Paramedic and Doctor attended me !

THURSDAY Not responding to medication my partner called 999 !

AMBULANCE Crew Paramedic arrived very quickly at 2145 HRS Assessing I needed to go to A&E immediately ! At this time my Bi PAP was breathing for me !

Ready to go to Hospital ! Removing my Nasl Mask I staggered out of bed now totally unable to breath on my own & was quickly put back on my Bi PAP enabling me to breathe again !

Ambulance crew immediately assessed the situation asking !

“Where was my Bi PAP Backup Pack” !

Now very disorientated I indicated that did not have one !

I pointed at my machine which had the Hospital Telephone No. Printed on it !

Ambulance staff rand the hospital SLEEP LAB !

YES ! They had a battery powered Bi PAP / NO ! Refused its loan to me !

I feared the worst !

My partner who had heard the telephone conversation was now extremely distressed !

Ambulance staff Eventually secured it’s loan. Paramedic would be allowed to pick it up but he must guarantee its immediate return when I arrived at A&E which he did THANK YOU paramedic

I reached A&E @ The HOSPITAL 2350 HRS !

Meanwhile Ambulance staff had booked a room with a power point in A&E

The A&E is a three minute road trip from my home !

I arrived safely at A&E put back on my own machine & the paramedic immediately returned the battery powered unit

Very skilled liaison from ambulance staff with A&E Triage _

Then having to hold my breath ! Turned OFF ! My machine & we did an emergency dash to RESUS 4 & Re connected power to my machine _


FRIDAY 0250 HRS Advised I would be transferred to NIV WARD High Dependancy Unit

0400 HRS ambulance staff visited to see if I was OK in A&E !

That was nice and appreciated by me ! THANKS AGAIN

FRIDAY AM ! A pleasant young man arrived with battery powered Bi PAP quickly transferred my settings & we set off to WARD 6X

Now in the care of Consultant & Medical Team + Physiotherapists

Advised & kept informed at every step of their medical care ! THANK YOU

TUESDAY 30th August 1400 HRS Discharged home to recuperate in the hands of my wonderful Loving and Caring partner LESLEY ! THANK YOU xxx

NB this scenario was more intense & involved than it will appear in this Blog !

ENSURE you have a BACKUP PLAN ! KEEP all Medication / Medical notes in one place !

Preferably in your bedside cabinet ! Stay safe & well as winter approaches !

To Everyone mentioned THANK YOU !


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The NHS at its best...excepting the problem with the Back up Pack.

Could I add one thing to your Back up well as a list of medications could you add a contact name and telephone number, especially if you live or go out alone.

It is an idea to give a contact name and number to a trusted neighbour too.

You could get an Emergency Contact Disk to put in your old car tax holder at one time.....I will check to see if they still do them.

Some people wear a Medical Alert bracelet .

I am glad you are recovering well after such a traumatic time for you and your partner.


You have been through the mill Raymond, hope your feeling much better now. I expect you are enjoying being home with your partner. No place like home! Xx

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Thank you for your kind thoughts ! Yes no place like home Regards RK


What a rough time you had: I hope you are feeling fully recovered now. Take care Margaret

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Thank you ! on the road to recovery Regards RAY

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I have now purchased my own battery pack it cost £320.00 giving me and my partner extra peace of mind ! (if only I had known) Thank you all for your concern RAY


I am very glad that you are better now. Unfortunately I have had to have quite a few excursions to A&E over the past few weeks and on a couple of occasions the ambulance crew simply plugged my mains powered nebuliser into the ambulance's 13 amp socket. They also did this with my mains powered BiPAP machine.

On a previous occasion, before I had a BiPAP, one of the ambulance crew attached me to oxygen and then used a manual pump to keep me breathing.

I am always surprised as to the different approaches that the ambulance crews take to emergency situations. I know that I owe my life to a few crews who both treated me with respect and as a person rather than just another call; and kept me going while using blues & twos to get me to A&E.

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Hi Paul

Pleased you are @ this minute OK

These can be very frightening situations !

My Bi PAP needed 10 volt supply including specific power lead

These machines are so high tech being developed and improved at a fast rate !

(I have now purchased the specific battery pack and power lead)

The North West Service Ambulance Crew / Paramedic team where excellent especially when confronted with the refusal of equipment to get me to A&E from my own Hospital clinic.

They have my total respect and I Thank them all profusely !

Thanks for your concern stay safe and well Best regards RK


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