I have a

good head of hair albeit grey now. But still all there.

My wife insists that I go to a ''stylist''

I take not a bit of notice and go to the local barber who does OAP's for a fiver.

When I go as I did today she asks me did I go to the stylist I answer yes. She said ''he has done a good job'' I do not disillusion her.

Years ago I was very concerned about my hair and did go to a stylist The men's styles at the time I am talking about were the DA which was the District Attorney but every one called it the Ducks Arse as it did rather resemble a ducks posterior. The other one was the Tony Curtis. It was a roll of hair on the front of the head that looked like a sausage roll. You may remember him in Some Like it Hot. He was born Bernie Schwartz in the Bronx in New York and could never quite rid himself of his NY accent.

As an Arab prince in one of his movies he told his leading lady ''yonder is der palace of my fadder.''

The old joke goes like this.

A guy goes into the barbers and asks for a Tony Curtis.

The barber starts snipping away and the guy drops off to sleep.

When he wakes up he finds he is bald.

''What have you done, do you even know who Tony Curtis is?

Yes I seen him last week in the King and I.


A guy goes to the barbers and

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  • Yup Brynner, not Tony Curtis. The King and I is one of my favourite musicals.

  • Yes I know.

    The barber didn't ..... that's the joke.


  • Oh sorry, am I being thick? Answers on a postcard please!

  • Btw Yul Brynner has a shaven head.


  • gustavski

    Hi his I'm the same as Yule grass does not grow on a busy street


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