Indian Summer setback

Morning ladies and gents

You know, I thought I was done with all this. I thought after a few weeks of not being able to breathe properly thanks to the excessive heat and humidity, I was getting better. The temperatures the last few days of last week have been great.

And then I went out yesterday. Had to walk up the shop. Big mistake. Air outside was very still. Very hot and humid again. It was lovely and cool in Tescos, but I felt it like a smack in the face with a kipper when I stepped outside again. By the time I got home I was exhausted. Put the shopping away. Had to ask Lucy to do dinner for her and her dad (it was supposed to be my turn) and went to bed. Put my CPAP mask on and went to sleep. At 6pm.

My chest is killing me again, so I'm back on the tramadol for the pain too.

Today is going to be a high of 27 degrees, with humidity at 94%. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 29 degrees!

A real Indian summer we're getting. Be careful if you have to go out folks.

Symes x

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Thanks Symes it is horrible here too although Pete is doing ok. I am sat outside to try and cool down.

Hope you feel better and take care. Xxxx

Thanks Sassy :) xx

It really is miserable when we have our poor lungs fighting get air in and out. I hope you will be pain free pretty soon - the forecast for where I live was indicated as to be in the low 70's but I've just had another look and it has dropped to 68. We did manage our walk though but we have dark clouds overhead....silly me, of course they are - they can't be underhead and it is so muggy. Looks like we have been let of lightly here, so I wish things cool down for you very shortly and you soon feel a bit better.


😁😁😁 that reminds me!........Every time anyone says 'with a smile on her face', I want to say - where else would it be?

Symes hi Sykes hope u at feeling betterI sometimes moan about weather here in Scotland but not when I see the forecast for humidity in south of England


Lucy took me out in the wheelchair first thing while it was still cool, caught a few Pokemon over the park!

Temperature's still going up, but humidity has dropped to 77%.

Gonna rest in bed and have the fan on rest of the day methinks. Gotta rest up before tomorrow's busy day!

Yesterday was cloudy all day; we walked Ollie & the heat was oppressive.

Today, 24 degees here, high pollen , humidity 68%. Not doing too bad so far but won't walk until later. I am so sorry you have pain Symes. This summer has been poor for people with chest problems. Is it tomorrow you go for your scan?.Good luck with it. Love Margaret. X

It was very oppressive yesterday, you're right there.

Yep, the scan is tomorrow evening Margaret. Got two respiratory appointments in the morning, so it'll be a fun day tomorrow!

Thank you :) x

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