Anyone on Anoro inhaler?

Have had COPD for 7yrs now have Emphysema been having a chest infection every month this year so was sent to a consultant for first Time she has put me on Anora and taken spivira and foxtair off me was not too impressed with her as she said in a nice proper way some people take steroids to feel good, huh,, up all night when on them then take thrush don't think that feels good....asked if my ankles were swollen I said no but she came round from her desk to feel them huh, did she think I would lie about that , was not ready for the lots and lots of questions she asked was in there 1hour then sent for x Ray, or am I being too sensitive ? Take care all come on and listen to you all but don't put up posts as I learn from you all Thanks.

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  • Hi Primrose,

    Just to let you know I have been on a high dose Anoro inhaler for the past 2 years and have no side effects. Consultant put me on it instead of nebulized medication every 6 hours.

    My consultant is not very patient friendly and when I first went to see him and I used to get upset but now I have got to know him better were fine.

    It can be very worrying when our medication is changed, for me it meant I did not have to set my alarm for the middle of the night to nebulise medication.

    Take care.


  • Thanks for replying you have set my mind at rest about side effects good you are getting on better with consultant hope I will too take care .

  • I have been on Anoro for nearly 2 years and it's actually very good. Being on a once daily inhaler suits me down to the ground. I've had no side effects and, as the next step is a nebuliser to try to open up/settle down the smallest airways! I'm keen to persevere. I can't have steroid inhalers as I'm too prone to infection. Benefit to the NHS is price and improved compliance which is an extra plus in my opinion.

  • Thanks Clare was worried about side effects after reading the leaflet and had never heard of this inhaler you all seem to give good advice on here take care Ann

  • just think. .how many years it's taken for them to be stupid and get paid for it.

    primrose..please add your photo in next post...would like to see.if you have shifty it could be the reason for doubting you and checking your ankles to make sure your not lieing.

    Andy xx.

  • Andy!!! As if..............................

    :-D :-D :-D

  • Good morning primrose,

    Sounds like really good advice on here primrose., and there is nothing I can add. I am on Fostair and Salamol and am fine. Good luck to you.


  • Thanks Jennifer agree with you on the good advice and glad you are doing ok with this lousy disease will keep on it and hope it goes well take care Ann

  • Had to at laugh at you Andy good sense of humour good job we can laugh....felt when I was in there as if it were an interigation but he ho they are supposed to be the experts don't know about the photo would need to find out how to do it take care Ann

  • I was on Spiriva & Symbicort. I saw a consultant for the first time in May & she took me off them. She said that they have found steroid inhalers increase the chance of pneumonia so they only prescribe now if you have frequent exacerbations. She put me on Anoro & it didn't work for me. I had dreadful headaches & became more breathless so after trying it for 3 weeks went to my GP & my medication was changed.

    I suppose it is like any medication, some suit you some don't. As an example I was on Serevent for quite a few years, after the Anoro didn't suit he put me back on it, I had an allergic reaction, how crazy is that!

    I have got to say I wish it had been suitable just one inhaler once a day has to be a good thing.

    You are not in North Yorkshire are you? Your consultant sounds as "patient friendly" as mine 😠

  • Hi Penelope sorry to hear Anoro didn't work for you as you say we are all different and it is good you only have to take it once a day this is only my 4th day so will need to wait and see.....I was on I was on sere vent for a number of years and had no problem with it nurse changed it in June to fostair but now off that too didn't find it very good anyway...know a few who have been taken off Spivira don't know why as it is good.

    No don't live in Yorkshire am in Scotland hope they find something that suits you to help you feel better thanks for replying It makes you wonder about these consultants so take care Ann

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