Question? My father has a 47% lung function is that the same as a Fev1 of 47%

I'm new to COPD my 62 year old father was recently told he has a lung function of 47% is that the same as Fev1? Also, if I can get him to quit smoking does he still have a few years ahead of him? He currently has no issues breathing. He doesn't get out of breath while moving at all. He can walk around all day with out being out of breath or on oxygen. He has had this condition for 4 yrs that I know. But he would never stop smoking he smoked around 3 packs/day. Only last month did a Dr. prescribe medication for him. He is attempting to stop smoking. In the last 2weeks since seeing the Dr. he has cut back from 3 packs/day to a 1/2 a pack/day. He is attempting to quit all together. If he quits all together and takes the medicine prescribed is there a chance his lung function may improve some since his lungs won't be as inflamed?

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  • Hi yes the FEV1 is the lung function figure.

    Stopping smoking will definitely help stop the damage getting worse. x

  • Stopping smoking is the most important thing he can do. If he continues to smoke his decline will be accelerated. Stopping will slow the decline and may result in a better FEV1 reading, it often does. The second most important thing is to continue to exercise. I hope he manages to stop the cigarettes.

  • stopping smoking is the most important thing you can do to slow down the progress of copd...

    if you ask me your dad has at last done something to help himself. ..he's cut down. ..but that is not enough...he has to stop..and stay stoped.

    47% is not the end of the world ..many members on here have far less than that for many years....

    I stoped smoking the day the doctor showed me the charts. .I was on two packs a day ...that was a year ago...haven't been near one since..

    there is also a good chance that his fev1 will improve. .mine did...xx

  • Before this site I truly believed that 47% was a death sentence that he wouldn't make it a year. The site has given some hope. How long have you heard people living with a 47% or worse? I've been looking and looking but I haven't found much.

  • In 2010, Dqvid, I had 30% function. I was treated well with antibiotics and oxxygen. I went to the gym and in 2014, my consultant said I was transformed. My function had climbed to 42%. The gym is my freind. I've been able to start playing the flute.

    Athlets conquer the disease too with great is another site - I'm not familiar with - they show several athletes who have COPD and still make it to the top.

    Take heart, with exercises, a good diet and sleep, your dad can live on and improve. Mic

  • You have truly brightened my day! Is there anything that can help with the weakness? He has recently started to have week legs after he's on them.

  • David, I presume that some exercises, even sittting down, can be of benefit. Here are some from YOuTube. he must adapt them to his limitations, go gently.

    Hope it helps, Mic

  • I do see a lot of people on here with worse than 47%. Prior to this site I thought that 47% was a death sentence, that he wouldn't last more than a year. It has given me some hope. But how long have some of the others on the site been living after they were told they had a 47% Fev1? Has anyone leveled off for a couple of years? I know that it is a progressive disease and the damage has been done. But, can it level off for a few years?

  • David, Welcome to our forum.

    Yes, if your dad gives up smoking that will help enormously to his health. I'm glad that he has no trouble at the moment, but the sooner he stops the better.

    I think it's marvellous that he has climbed down to half a pck a day. That's the spirit! Encourage him and do say he is working to his health when he stops smoking. Can he do some exercices too? Here is a set that wil encourage his lungs to breathe and probably starts to get rid of the gunge from smoking:

    Well done for coming here. You will find other people who will be able to advise you too.


  • How many years have you had COPD?

  • Will the exercises help with weakness?

  • I was also wondering with COPD is it normal for a person to have mucus or snot draining down the back of their throat from their sinus all day or is that possibly a infection that would need antibiotics?

  • Your father is good he can do all that without getting out of breathe.I wish I could walk with out getting out of breathe.He should stop smoking if not in due time he will not ve doing that.And no body know how long we have here but God. God bless

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