Look away now if you

don't like the content of this post.

It is about constipation.

It is my theory that constipation causes more damage to the body than is recognised.

Every one has had the runs sometime in their lives. I had a bad case in Port Said that it pains me to speak of even now.

But constipation affects well i was going to give a figure but I have not the slightest idea. Quite a lot if the TV adverts are an indication of the problem.

My theory is this and this is not backed by any scientific survey, just suspicion.

Waste gathers in our gut and is expelled in between one and two or three days. If it stays longer it is my theory that it damages your body.

Urine is in itself not in the least harmful if one is healthy. But faeces even in an healthy body are very toxic indeed.

I am probably talking boll.... well it is a theory.


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  • Not a bad theory perhaps gus. Xxx

  • Very believable. Do I dare touch on the topic flatus or rather wind. I eat a lot of fruit and things have got worse as I have got older. x

  • The Germans say 'cos it rhymes in German.

    Im jeder Boenchen ein Tonchen.

    In every bean a little sound.


  • Interesting. Fairly recently I read of a very unpleasant sounding procedure where faeces from a healthy 'donar' was syringed into the rectum of someone who was (if I remember right) unable to retain their food long enough for it to be digested. The idea being to reintroduce healthy bacteria into their system and kick start their digestive processes into producing it's own bacteria. It did work so that suggests that healthy faeces, serves a good purpose. Try googling it. However, I'm inclined to agree with you about constipation.

  • Yeeugh but life saving

  • I have the opposite problem. Not the runs but looseness. I had to go to the toilet three times in Tesco this afternoon. It is very inconvenient and has been going on for months.

  • I would try to get that sorted if I were you. Apart from being shall we say inconvenient it can not be doing your health any good.

    Is it your food?


  • Since I had intermittent stomach pain about 15 years ago and the doctor prescribed (yes prescribed!) bran from the chemist, I have had half a bowl of Kellogg's All Bran with some Shreddies and skimmed milk every morning for breakfast, and it works a treat every day!

  • Azure you must be about eligible for your own Tesco Toilet!

  • In the care home where I work now and again there was an old lady who reached 105 years. She has now sadly passed away but was compos mentis till the end.

    I asked her one time if she had a secret to living till a ripe old age and she said.

    '' I drink a glass of hot water as soon as I get up, it works the old plumbing you see''

    Worth a try maybe .


  • I don't know about constipation, but some people suffer from verbal diarrhoea.

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