My favourite

car of all time was a Citroen DB5.

I loved that car and it was in the works garage more than it was on the road.

The problem was it had an fluid hydraulic system as suspension instead of springs or coils. When the engine turned off it would sink practically to floor level then lift up again when the engine was turned on.

I do not know if Citroen still use this system.

One chap at a garage told me ''you need a bloody plumber not a mechanic''

Never mind if I could still afford one on the Old Timer car markets I would still dive headfirst in again. Such is love.


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Btw this was in the early 60s


I remember my fil had one. The ride was sickable

yeah it rolled like a ship at sea. but the comfort was out of this world.

This was the time when nations showed there prime ministers riding around in the car of their own nation.

UK Jaguars ( before they were owned by BMW which if you didn't know is the Bayerischen Motoren Werke)

Russian Cil, American Cadillacs before Detroit lost it's mojo.

and of course the French driving Charles de Gaulle in a DBS on his way to say NON to the British application to join what was then known as the Common Market know known as the EU


My first car back in '82 was a red Beetle RPP 902H. I loved that car even though it was more rust than car. It was 16 engine instead of the normal and I loved cars trying to beat me at the lights! :)

I would love another one but can't afford one now. x

My first car was a VW Golf Mark 1, back in the days when they were tiny compared to today's.

The previous owner had installed a sun roof, so every time it rained I got wet and sat in a puddle . ...then came the day when I turned on the heater and the car filled with ended up in the scrap dealer.

Better than my husbands Marina....he had to hit the starter motor with a hammer every time. My late father had an ancient Morris in the 50s, complete with starting handle , and opening widescreen . ..not forgetting those mechanical indicators, saved waving his hand out of the window to turn right or left.

Hi knitter your meant to close the sun roof when it rains lol

😁😁😁....or have an umbrella!

Ha ha, I used to say I was the only driver who needed an umbrella inside the car.

Do they make cars with sun roofs now?

We had an old Mini at one time and you could see the road through the floor. ...

My favorite of many cars was a 1973 Cadillac Eldorado. Even though it was very used, this was a great land yacht! A very heavy car but it cut through the deepest snow that a Minnesota winter could offer.

I'd describe it as sitting on sofa and doing 80mph on a winding thoroughfare was so smooth.

Your description is how I'd describe the ride in a company car that my husband drove for a while, it was a Mercedes - smooth, quiet and sooo comfortable.

The first car I had was a twenty year old Honda Civic. The brakes were shot and I drove it into a construction site when I was seventeen. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ xx


yes it's a very iconic car gus I last saw one in Ibiza it was in pristine condition and got a lot of people interested and taking pictures etc


Talking about cars, mine has got Bluetooth. Now I know that it is something to do with phoning but how to use it I haven't a clue. I don't think I am missing much.


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