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I have just been diagnosed with bronchiectasis almost certainly because of rheumatoid arthritis which I have had for 8 years I also have lupus which Ive had for many many years,I have had scans and breathing and exercise tests which confirmed the diagnosis ,the respiratory consultant has referred me to the bronchiectasis physios clinic in 2 weeks time.I am on biologicals drugs for the RA and hydroxycholoquine and painkillers as and when nessissary (sp) .Just hoping someone can tell me what happens at these clinics.

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Welcome to our friendly site. Sorry to hear that you have bronchiectasis on top of your other problems. The physios will almost certainly be helping you with exercises that help to remove 'gunk' from your lungs - nothing painful but need doing regularly to keep your lungs clear from the breeding ground that bronch lungs provide. I have had bronchiectasis for some years now and manage it reasonably well by keeping lungs clear, exercising (mainly walking) and sensible diet so that I am not overweight. You could also ask to be referred to a pulmonary rehabilitation course that would give you more information and a tailored set of exercises that it will be possible for you to do as they would take account or your ra. Don't worry about seeding the physios, they are usually really nice people who want to help you. Do let us know how you get on.


Can't really help freckles (though I do have bronchiectasis) but others will be along who can. Just wanted to say hi and welcome to our amazing little forum. Xx


Welcome to this site. I can't help but others will. You will find it friendly, supportive, informative. in a word just brilliant.

K x


Hiya, I'm a relatively new here although I've been hanging around in the back ground reading lots of posts.

I'm due a ct scan on Monday and I'm more than sure I will be giving the same news. I had a scan back last year that showed small airways disease. However I think my Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease has got in the way, and only now (July) I've become more breathless in AM and coughing like a docker🙄

I believe that the long term steroids I was on for the UCTD was keeping my chest problems at bay and now it's rearing its ugly head sadly.

I am starting pulmonary rehab shorty and I'm hoping this will help to shift the copious amount of gunk that I am sure is hanging around my lungs.

Please feel free to message me, I wish you well and I will follow your journey.

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Thanks Lilacwine not good is it when you have more than one condition and they get in the way of each other.Hope the ct scan goes well.Will be interested to hear how the rehab goes.

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