I am trying to

sneak back in under the radar and hope that know one will notice what a banana I have been.

I am absolutely overwhelmed at your response, gobsmacked is a better word

I have as someone suggested spoken to my wife and she says pointing to her feet 'down there for dancing' then points to her head 'up here for thinking'.

in other words don't annoy people.


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Hello again gus, do stay around. Xxxx

You've been spotted! And do you know what - I think I like your wife😊

Welcome back Gus, please stay around.


I love ur posts so glad to see you, I normally just read but had to reply to say glad ur back πŸ˜€

Pleased you are back. X

well i do agree with your wife Gus...though i to have been guilty of thinking with my feet and running off with the head...see am been polite now....☺

as for trying to get back under the radar πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I like bananas. And they are much the same up or down... x

There is a German saying: Warum ist eine Banana krum.......weil es nicht gerade ist.

Why is a banana bent....... because it is not straight.

I don't know exactly what it means I suppose it's the Germans idea of a joke....ha ha


gustavski hi good ur back, vie gehts I think the banana thing means we r all the same but different


Guten Morgen Jimmy : Wie Gehts....... Mir Gehts gut ... und Du?


Sehr gut ( considering I have a chest inf at present) Ich bin better I have now exhausted all my schoolboy German


Macht es nicht Jimmy besser als gar nicht wie man sagt in Muenchen, Koeln oder Berlin.

Guter besserung (get well soon)



Hi gus

I got a little of ur last reply but lost meaning


Rough translation Jimmy:

It doesn't matter it is better than nothing at all as they say in Munich, Cologne or Berlin

Get well soon


Do keep posting gus I like your posts xxx

Decided to come back then Gus?, i' m just off on holiday will catch up when I get back. Enjoy your week .

Hey there Gus glad your back on deck,started to think you city folks had no ticker not like us country folks lol,just checked in to see what was happening ,so many people were going to miss you.well bigs hugs from me.feed up time now I better go and suck up this fresh country air before dark..hope to talk soon.Xx Sharon πŸπŸ–πŸ„ Hello to your wife 🌹🌹

Glad you're back Gus, I enjoy reading your posts ☺x

So glad you are back. Your wife sounds like a star & you must be a "good un" or she wouldn't have kept you (being the sensible woman she clearly is)!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Sounds like your wife may have the brains in your family Gus. May be a good idea to take her advice.

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