Accapella and guilt!

Does anyone use an Accapella? Do they work?

The physio at pulmonary rehab asked the Dr to prescribe one for me and I now have it. I will have an appointment soon to get it set at the right level and be shown how to use it effectively.

Before I got it I looked up to see if they are available on the net and they are but cost £70 which seems horrendous. Now I read that they only have a useful working life of 6 months so it seems I'm signing up to strip even more money out of the NHS than I was already - and that's plenty!

I'm justifying it by the fact it may save me being carted off to hospital again which would cost a whole lot more, but am I the only person who ever feels guilty about the ammount that's being spent on my care?

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  • Please don't feel guilty. It is not likely to have cost the NHS that much as they have a contract with the producers and suppliers and also bulk buy so that economies of scale also kick in. My husband and I are currently costing the NHS £500 a month due to medication which is a special purchase but without this medication my husband would be crippled and costing much more and I would have been in a similar situation having to have an operation after which I would also be an invalid at 56 - having been fit up until last year, We would both be likely to need some care paid for by the NHS or local authority, which would cost a whole lot more probably up to £1000 a week between the two of us but we can both manage everything due to this medication so no need to feel guilty there. My husband is managing to get himself back to the gym and I am in a position now a year after starting this medication where I can think of going back to exercise as well and also this medication has worked so within the next year I should be able to come off it altogether. Of course if you wish you can purchase the acapella yourself. I have bought a similar type of thing called the flutter which does a similar job but my physio has said that now they normally recommend the acapella. I also, when I can't use my flutter use breathing techniques which do the same job without the need for any instruments - this is usually when I am away for a day or on holiday when taking all my stuff with me is difficult such as peak flow meter and flutter etc.

    Please don't feel guilty when this is something you need believe me there are plenty people out there wasting medicines which cost the NHS s lot more. I was astounded to listen to someone arguing with my GP's receptionist one day last year about getting a prescription of 10 paracetamol when she could have gone to Tesco and bought a pack of 16 for less than a pound and yes, these were standard paracetamol tablets that could be bought. I would never imagine getting a prescription for something I could buy so cheaply, even here in Wales where prescriptions are free.

  • Hi well done for saying all that .my doctor said my paracetamol must go on my prescription So they know what I am taking

    I know what you overheard was different

    Take care


  • Yes, I have a friend and also a neighbour who have paracetamol on prescription for the same reason as your doctor gave you.

  • That is different. My husband also now has to take paracetamol as part of his pain regime but this woman was just obnoxious and was demanding an immediate appointment with a Doc to get a pack of paracetamol so it just incensed me. My husband is also on paracetamol now as part of the pain killing cocktail he has to take for chronic back pain and arthritis. Just changed from a tablet that was a mix of a lot of things to paracetamol and another painkiller which may deliver the painkilling properties from each ingredient in a better way. When he forgot his tablets on a couple of days away he luckily had a repeat prescription in his pocket and went to the nearest pharmacy and asked the pharmacist to sell him similar paracetamol which he did. Funnily enough I was also once in A&E with a friend with a broken ankle on a Saturday afternoon and had to listen to a Mother shouting the odds about her son (about 3 years old) needing an X Ray after a fall - which had not noticeably had any bad effects on him as he was playing on a climbing frame in the play area and having a wonderful time. The best bit of this was that the nurse eventually said "Look Mrs. ..... Your son has had 3 X-rays in the last two months we really cannot X Ray on demand as it does harm you know. There is no reason to think that he has broken a bone as he has no swelling and no loss of movement". I am always amazed by people like that. Especially when we have a lovely person here worried about the cost of an item. Sort of levels things off a bit doesn't it?

  • You've made your point well and I'm so glad your treatment and your husband's is making such a difference.

    I'm not suggesting anyone SHOULD feel guilty - was just wondering if I'm the only daft bat who does. It just shook me when I saw the price of the device and realised it has to be so frequently replaced. Anything that keeps us as fit as we can be has got to be worth the money but guilt is a wierd emotion that sometimes just won't stay in it's box!

  • Think the answer to that is: No. You are not the only one who feels guilty. I am sure there are plenty of people - especially the elderly who feel they shouldn't bother an overworked Doc with their symptoms and cost the NHS money.. Actually I am related to some of them and have to say no you must go you must get something so that you can feel the best you can.

  • I am thinking of getting an accapella. I didn't know about the right settings etc. or that they have a use by date. I, too, feel guilty about the cost. But if it works....

  • I only discovered those things when I opened mine up and read the enclosed info this morning. Now I understand why the RESP physio wants to see me to go through it all and, believe me, I'm grateful I don't have to fork out £140 a year for the privilege of shifting the muck from my lungs.

  • I don't know how that price came up. I bought one from Amazon for around £20 and there is no reason that they don't last for a long time. Youjust needtoclean them. I bought an aerosure medic which is easier to use as it has a rechargeable motor, for £125 and that works really well. Please don't feel guilty about the cost. You are having what you need and what the NHS is designed to provide. I hope that the acapella helps.

  • Thank you! I haven't seen one for £20 but that sounds a bit more sensible. It definitely says in the info that they should be changed after 6 months use. It also gives cleaning guidance. I'll see how I go with it. I'm hoping for great things! Lol!

  • It is an investment in your future and hopefully will save the NHS money in the long term.

  • That's probably the best way to look at it! Thanks.

  • I've got one, it's great, really works.

    Gets the sputum up. Get one, you won't regret it.

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