My Father Has Silicosis (black lung)

My father was an architectural stone mason for the majority of his life. He has worked tirelessly maintaining the city of edinburgh as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

He needs a double lung transplant but the waiting list is so long that he will likely be too weak to undergo the operation when the time comes. Are there any ways to fast track this process or anything he can do? it would cost 1.2m to pay for it ourselves... kind of impossible.

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You have my sympathy mother's family were all anthracite coal miners and I grew up with people suffering from ' the dust ' or ' silicosis'

Have you approached his former employers or was he self employed....could he get any compensation at all.

He was self employed. I don't think there is anything for him other than living benefits. But i'd like to find out.

Hello Daniel

I am so sorry to hear of your father's illness, and l hope he gets his transplant soon.

It is such a pity that more people don't think of donating,and signing up and informing their relatives of their wishes for after their death.

How you'd dad stands legally, regarding how he contracted this illness, it may be worth seeing a solicitor who specialises in work related illnesses, and any proffesional body for your father's trade.


Hi Daniel sorry no magic wand, but will pray your Father is well enough and doesn't have to wait too long for transplant. In the meantime I hope he can get some pleasure out of life. Xx

I'm sorry about your father, Daniel. It must be very difficult for him ,for you and for the rest of your family to see him being so ill and not being able to help. You're obviously proud of the work he's spent his life doing in Edinburgh.

I can't help but I know there's a firm of solicitors who fight for patients with mesothelioma who you could try. I can't remember their name!! What about the local press? It could bring up someone who could help.

I hope he's being well cared for and do hope there's a good outcome for him.

Sue x

Bless your dear dad and hope a solution is found very soon. He is fortunate to have such a loving son. Xxx

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