Left upper lobectomy trouble breathing

Hi all hope your all well. Quick question i had a lobectomy two weeks ago for lung aspergillus. My breathing is still off got given nebuliser and using it a lot,breathing worse than before operation and my peak flow is down from 550 to 400. Sats say im 96-99 i know its early days with recovery and ive been trying to walk and i do incentive spirometry repeatidly everyday. Is there anyone out there whos had a similar experience? Many thanks and take care all.

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Glad all went well i assume with inflammation causes by operation you will find things hard BUT am sure will settle.

Nothing wrong with pul excersise but i would just take it slow and easy.

Wishing you a speedy recovery

Sorry you are feeling so unwell. I think you have answered your own question to some extent 'it is early days'. I had a lower lobectomy over 50 years ago and it took ages to feel right again. I realise it was a big deal in those days and cannot compare really, but as Jeff says there must be lots of iflammation.

If you are getting very concerned then perhaps you should go back to the doctors or consultant.

I hope you improve soon and get this sorted out.

love cx

Gosh, a lobectomy all those years ago was a big deal. No keyhole surgery in those days. X

Yes it was scorpiolass and very difficult to be out of action for so long at 15. I don't believe they would do it today in my case as my ncfbe was diffuse in both lungs then as it is today. Hey ho we are where we are.

I am sorry to hear you have had such a rough time of it. I hope your post will be helpful to Wartonk.


I had an upper right lobectomy for lung cancer in 2013. I also have asthma & copd. I found my breathing very bad for about 18 months. I also had post op pneumonia & pleurisy. Currently, I am the moderate end of severe, so doing well. My Peak flow varies from about 150 - 180 but sometimes it's round 100. Sats about 93 - 96 currently. I am not going to be running any time soon but I get by. I do most things I always did, but slowly & on the flat with no carrying.

You will get there. Give it time it is very early days yet. Take care, Margaret x

Many thanks for all your replies as usual this site is a god send. Just wish there was a aftercare excercise plan as i was given nothing and my surgery was good old fashioned thoractomy. All ive read on internet is 30-40 mins walking a day if this is a constant walk well im struggling with 30 mins at mo lol. Will see doc next week if worse. Many thanks to everyone you are all an amazing bunch!! Have a great sunday everyone. 😊

Do everything in moderation. If you can't manage a full 30 mins in one go then do a couple of 10 minute stints with rests in between. It is good for you to get upright and moving not just for your lungs but for your whole body. You probably find that you can't eat and drink a lot either so again a little and often is the way to go. Contact the surgeon's secretary or your physio department to ask about exercise. You can look on line too but be careful and talk to your Doc about exercise.

I had an upper left lobectomy in Jan 2013 (lung cancer) and found it hard going for a while. I started out very gradual with exercise, mostly via treadmill as it was winter, building up length and speed of walking. I also did breathing exercises every hour for at least 5 mins (used to set an alarm on my phone to remind me). It was a bit of a slog but worth sticking to it. I think there should be some kind of rehab after this kind of op - can't understand why there isn't - except the cost of course ☹.Keep on keeping on Wartonk, you'll get there :) x

Glad the breathlessness is normal then as its only been 18 days. Getting my slow walk around the flat up to 30 mins a day. I miss my treadmill and excercise bike lol

Cheers peeps 😊

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