First real setback

Just got home from spending the week in West Suffolk Hospital. Had another bout of pneumonia. Big doses of I V antibiotics has cleared the infection. But it's only the second time in hospital since September 2014 when I was given a year at best 18months to live. The fibrosis in my lungs is progressive and doctors told me that any infection will cause more damage. Sadly they were right. It's made things slightly more difficult this time. But the fight goes on to regain a fitness level somewhere like I had. Pleased to have shocked the consultant to still be alive longer than he predicted look on his face was priceless. Off to Papworth on Tuesday to see the consultants there will be interesting to hear what they have to say. TimS

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Bless you Tim and thinking of you for Tuesday. Xxxx

Good luck on Tuesday Tim. So sorry that you have been so ill

Love Sohara

Hi Tim, sorry to hear things have not been great for you of late. I had to smile because I was told in October 14 that they would try to get me through Christmas! Also off to Papworth (no date yet) so would love to hear how it goes. Wishing you all the very best. S.xx

Excellent news Tim and how brilliant it is to read you are determined to regain your fitness level. Just imagine when you see your Consultant next time eh !! Go for it !!

Sorry you have been unwell but it is good you are doing so well overall. Good luck for Tuesday. X

I could almost hear the glee in your post at shocking the consultant haha, good on you and good luck for your appointment xx

Good luck for Tuesday, Tim x

Good luck for Tuesday, Tim :) x