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copd b12 definitely

good afternoon everone ..iv been very poorly last 4 weeks and just found got low b12 low folic acid kow iron .just wounder if anyone else have the same conditions and if so any advice with anything would gratefully recived .has no explanation or support from gp ..and if one condition effects the other back on thursday to see chest specalist on thursday so if any ib formation i could take with me with my first meeting last time she was more intrested in my apperance than my condition .which never expected .so this time want to be well prepared ...jan

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Hi Pinkrainbows, I have COPD and since diagnosis I've taken 2 tablets of Vit B compound a day. Not too sure if that is similar to B12 but I'm sure somebody more knowledgeable will reply to you soon. All my tablets do is (excuse me for being so blunt) make my wee wee smell even stronger!!!!


Hi Jan, sorry you have been unwell.I don't have experience of low vitB, so can't help I am afraid. Good luck for Thursday. X


I've just started taking Floradix iron tonic with B vits a week ago, and it's given me more energy and my sense of humour back! I do eat a balanced healthy diet, but have been a little iron deficient all my life.

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Hi pinkrainbows As well as having COPD, I also have hypothyroidism (over 40 years) and am very active on the HU thyroid forum. What is mentioned a lot on there is how important it is for thyroid health (and general health) for levels of B12, Vit D, ferritin (iron store) and folate to be optimal, they are all connected. Not just levels being in range, which is what doctors consider to be 'normal', but optimal which is very different.

The most important thing is to always ask for a print out of any test results, and to have the reference ranges as well, so we can see where our levels lie and if we are optimal. We are entitled to our test results under the Data Protection Act so the surgery can't refuse to give them.

Do you know what your results were? Is your low B12 being addressed by your GP? Likewise your low folate (folic acid) and iron? Being low, or deficient in all or any of them can cause a lot of symptoms you might not realise are connected.

If you wish, I can help with interpreting your test results and suggest supplements (and any co-factors) to help you get yours to optimal levels. Just ask (or even go over to the thyroid forum). You can also get help and advice regarding your B12 on the Pernicious Anaemia forum here on HU.

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hi seaside susie .thankyou for your information and back at docs tommrow for third loading dose .iv been told nothing or know very little as been that ill .thought it was my copd .then got so ill thought phnumonia gp been not good at all i aaked the other day about results all i know b12 at 80 low folic acid low iron and high sugar .


pinkrainbows Unfortunately GPs seem to know very little about nutrition and vitamin/mineral deficiencies.

Your B12 is, as you know, desperately low and thank goodness you are having injections. Are you having 3 a week for the first two weeks and then one every three months? I believe that is the standard protocol. Will you be retested at some point? I understand that once supplementing then results will be skewed with future tests, and there is an 'Active B12' test that might be better, because for some people the three monthly injections aren't enough.

Have you been tested for Intrinsic Factor? I.F. is necessary for the absorption of B12. If you lack I.F. then I believe you have Pernicious Anaemia.

Can I urge you to go over to the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum here on Health Unlocked because you will get much better advice over there, I really don't know too much about it other than what I have touched on.

Also, take a look at the B12 deficiency website and you might want to check out the films, particularly Dr Chandy

Also, spare a little time to look at the video in this post, even if it's only the first few minutes. The post is locked to the Thyroid forum so if it doesn't show let me know and I'll try and get the link to the video for you

The member who made that post is very knowledgeable about B12.

When supplementing with B12 (and I believe this applies to injections as well as oral supplements) a good B Complex should also be taken as all the B vitamins should be balanced. Your GP won't tell you this because he doesn't know. On the thyroid forum it's frequently recommended to take Thorne Basic B, a good quality supplement with bioavailable forms of the vitamins. It contains 400mcg of Methylfolate which will help improve your folate level. Folate is the natural form of folic acid. Supplements that contain folic acid (which is synthetic) require it to be converted by our bodies into folate, not all of us are good at this conversion so it makes sense to take a supplement containing the methylfolate form.

You may need to supplement orally as well as your life long 3 monthly injections. If so then a sublingual supplement is the best form as it is dissolved under the tongue. There are tiny blood vessels under the tongue which transport the B12 directly into the blood stream thereby bypassing the digestive system. If taken in tablet form the B12 gets destroyed by stomach acid. Solgar or Jarrows sublingual methylcobalamin lozenges are highly recommended.

If you do get a B12 supplement then always get the methylcobalamin form, never the cyanocobalamin form for this reason

How low is your iron? Have you been prescribed iron supplements? If you have, or if you buy your own, then each iron tablet should be taken with 1000mcg Vitamin C which aids absorption and helps prevent constipation. Take iron supplements a couple of hours away from other supplements or medication as it will affect absorption of anything else.

Don't forget to ask for your test results when you're at the surgery.

Also, when replying, if you want that person to be alerted to your reply then use the Reply button in the message box or they won't get notification that you've answered their message (I just found your reply by luck :) ). Also, another way, is by putting @ in front of their user name (with no space) brings up a list of names and you click on the one you want, that then gets out onto your message and turns blue and that means they get sent a notification that you're giving them a shout :)

I hope that helps.

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