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Don't Understand Readings

Hi I received letter from my hospital appointment and don't understand what it means I feel fine in myself except for when I am eating but think that's unrelated to my bronchiectasis.

Spirometry FEV1 2.19 (105% predicted) VC 3.04 (126% predicted) ratio 72%

BP 133/75 mmHg heart rate 68bpm resting sats 97% on room air

What on earth does any of that mean?

Iam a 50 year old female if that helps x

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Fev1 is the amount of air in litres you can forcibly blow out from fully inflated lungs in 1 second

VC = lung capacity in litres

Fev1/VC ratio is the % of your volume of air you're able to forcibly exhale in 1 second.

What is deemed normal varies by the countries adopted standards, but in the UK, without any other known lung issues, that result could be deemed mildly obstructed, especially if you have symptoms and have a smoking history.

The SATS is oxygen saturation in your blood. 97% is OK.


Hi soulsavers thank you for explaining these to me. I dont have a smoking history but recently been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis thats the reason for the tests. thanks again


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