Hello everyone, I'm Tim from the West Midlands age 57. I have been an heavy smoker for 40+ years. Several weeks ago I started spitting up quite a lot of blood. I was given Amoxicillin and sent for an X ray. Thankfully the blood has now stopped and the x ray was clear (although the doctor still want's me to have the camera and a scan due to the blood) So no cancer on the X ray but further investigation needed!

Whilst at the Hospital I was asked to blow into a device 3 or 4 times. I was then informed by the doctor that I had mild COPD. Well it's taken a couple of days to sink in, I now find myself suffering from anxiety plus my breathing appears to have got worse. I had already been given a Ventolin Evohaler and used it this morning when suffering a bad coughing bout and shortness of breath and it seemed to work.

Apart from shortness of breath, I also have mild discomfort in my upper back and occasionally feel very tired (but this does pass)

I would welcome advice!

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Hi Tim,

From the post I assume you still smoke? If so, this will quite quickly turn "Mild" to "moderate" to "severe" and finally ... "end stage". Replace the fags with E-cigs if you can't stop, cut down - not for a few days but on a plan to stop (say, cutting consumption by one per day (Mon - Fri) over the next month until you stop.

COPD is not exactly a death sentence it's more of a life sentence. Control it or it controls you, allow it to grow or cut of it's food supply.

No matter what you do it WILL get worse - but YOU control how fast, healthy eating, stopping smoking, plenty of exercise, fresh (clean) air, avoiding people with coughs & colds give a pretty good outcome - ignoring them you don't want to know about!

Is it Sunday? Think it must be - sermon over ... sorry but if you end up better than me then the sermon was worth it!

No need for anxious - just follow the healthy options and you will be fine and drawing pension for many, many years (after working time is done)!

Best wishes

Thanks for the advice. I will be trying to stop I've made an appointment at a local pharmacy on Monday

Good for you, Tim! I wish you the best with your new goal to stop smoking. It is the only thing that will slow the progression of copd. Bear in mind that your body is use to huge amounts of poisonous chemicals with each cigarette you smoke so it's going to take time for your body to feel really good after quitting. Don't let this deter you because when you do feel better, once your body acclimates, it's fabulous!

grannyk3 🌹

Thanks Granny for your kind words and advice xx

Tim, remember not of us can preach ... Almost all of us smoked - in my case 40 a day for 40 years.

I wasnt trying to be clever .. Just honest (from experience).

As an ex-fell walker and mountaon biker i struggled to do a bit of gardening a couple of days back. COPD is almost worse than dying because it dangles the carrot to remind us who we used to be. It's (politically correct) not very good!

y-not may I ask what stage of COPD are you at



Defined as moderate (last checked at 54%) so in the realms of things its quite good but feels more like end stage (I don't know how those guys cope!).

I walked the dogs 100 yards down the road last night, on return my neighbour (who knows I have some sort of lung problem) poked his head over the fence to invite us to his kids birthday party. I tried to answer ... the panic on his face when I tried to answer was just soooo funny! Sorry, but I do find reactions to breathlessness hilarious at times (I know I shouldn't ... but I do!).

If I didn't find things funny I think I'd probably cry!

Breath easy and enjoy the moment

Forgive my ignorance but do the inhalers not work if you have moderate COPD?

'Forgive my ignorance' - no need to apologise here - we all help each other.

The blue inhaler has almost instant effects.

I take all the others because they assure me that they help ... I can only trust what they say.

Of course, the condition is 'chronic' so 'long lasting' - it won't get better - all the drugs do is help slow the progression.

Maybe they work and maybe they don't - I just take them because I'm not brave enough to test not taking them.

Morning Tim, my story is pretty much identical to yours re length of time I smoked, shortness of breath, being diagnosed with mild to mod COPD etc. Must be something to do with being born in the 50s and smoking just about everywhere in my teens/20s & 30s apart from doctors waiting rooms and churches! (Must be some irony in there somewhere but I've only just woken up!). Anyway, I was then presented with a choice-carry on smoking and basically hasten development of the disease and the implications which really scared me or stop. Because I prefer to carry a really lovely handbag rather than a portable oxygen cylinder-I'm not being facetious just real. There's a really wonderful site within HU called Quit Support which can help you with the whole process of quitting-no judgement or criticism, just a place you can visit for support, advice or to query or rant. I wish you strength and determination Tim, much love Poll x

Hello Polly,

Thank you so much for your advice Tim xx

Hello Tim, if this is any help , then my good deed for the day is done. I had similar symptoms to you at first, I was investigated for cancer as my xray was not clear, and I could not walk due to breathing difficulties, had to have ambulance. Eventually after many tests and inhalers I now lead a reasonably active life. I have not smoked for nearly eleven years. I did it with the help of patches. I have COPD moderate. So well done for giving up ciggies you will lead a reasonable active long life with care . Hope to chat again in the coming weeks.

Hello Katie

I haven't given up yet, I have an appointment Monday at a local pharmacy!

Please feel free to keep in touch....I would welcome that very much! Tim x

Thats the first step, going to the pharmacy . I go on holiday Monday so catch up on your news when I get back. Good luck on Monday.x

Thank you Katie. Hope you enjoy your holiday


Hi Tim am a 58 yo who smoked for 40 years and am now at Stage 4.....have Fev28%.I tried to quit for many years...what worked for me was Champix and now have stable for the time being.You can only get them through your GP on prescription.I did not suffer any side effects from them.Think what if any side effects they have they are worth it compared to not having any breath at all.

Thank you piping for the advice

I ha d exactly same situation 9 years ago and I did quit smoking, very difficult but doable. Mild copd didn't get any worse but exercise weight lose etc actually improved. Feel Better now at 70 then I did at 60, so go for it you have a lot of good years left. Do not let that progression stuff get you Down especially when still mild because you are not doomed as others might suggest.

Thanks Tvernstrom

Hi Tim, I was diagnosed with mild copd but it is now moderate bordering on severe. I am 49. I am really lucky as I still exercise. I get tired quickly and need to recover longer but I am a strong believer in pushing to beat your own personal limits/goals whatever they may be. For some this might be walking 10 metres instead of nine etc. When I was first diagnosed with mild copd back in (2011) I was fairly unhealthy. I ate all the wrong types of food etc and rarely worked out. I decided to change things a little. At first I just started walking, I now jog/walk 5k regularly even though my copd has progressed. I also do weight lifting which I feel has really helped build my strength. I cut out processed foods and the usual junk foods etc and try to stick to health eating.

I struggled with quitting smoking too. E-cigs helped me but some people have trouble with them. I found that they really irritated my chest and made me cough my lungs up so bad with just one drag. Then I discovered I was sensitive to the PG (Propylene Glycol) based liquids. I found out that you can buy a liquid with a higher VG (Vegetable Glycerine) base and that helped with me so you might want to try that. I buy my liquid from which allows you to select a higher VG (Vegetable Glycerine) base. I rarely use E-Cigs now but still keep it handy as they help me relax when stressed out. Its hard even after quitting to fight that urge to light up a proper cig and E-cigs help me there.

I also take Zink and magnesium to help with immune system. It seems to help keep those colds away. Also If ever I feel like my chest is getting that red raw feeling I use a Salt pipe which calms it a little.

I also recommend reading the following link for those taking supplements as it offers some good advice on which types of vitamins should not be taken together and which should be taken together for maximum effect. For instance if you take high doses of zinc long-term (50 mg or more per day for 10 weeks or longer ), it can cause copper deficiency, so you may need to supplement with copper as well.


Hope this helps.

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