when did swearing

become so prevalent. When I was young in the UK I never ever heard a woman swear. Now I hear young girls shouting f this and f that across the street to each other.

I was still at school when a male neighbour of ours was fined 10 shillings in the local court for swearing in the street.

I was shocked when I returned to the UK to find that the f and sometimes the c word are on TV in mags and newspapers practically every day.

Is it a sign of the times?


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  • I f and blind every time I get to the top of stairs, but never outside ( well maybe occasionally ) but yes ur right gus, I hate to hear it in just general chit chat no need for it, but youngsters think it's makes them look hard, I just think childish and common. Xx Sonia xx

  • Women are the worse ones up here especially in town. Even hear them when I'm going to work and there going home from night out lol

  • Definitely a sign of the times sadly gus, not nice to hear and not just from young people either. Xxx

  • I agree with you sassy. I used to live in a village were nearly everyone swore. Even young as 4 or 5. I blame the parents. I hardly ever swear My mum and dad never swore. My daughter dose my son dosnt but one thing my daughter would never do is swear in front of my dad. I myself think swearing shows a lack of vocabulary.

  • I always thought that swearing was a 'release' from pressure/tension.

    If swearing becomes a normal way to speak then, when we need the pressure/tension release the only option is violence ... look around at the levels of violence every day to see that this has become the normal outlet.

    As a kid, we 'fought' until the other was on the ground - we had won and walked away. Now thugs continue even when a person is unconscious - I can only think that, unless they intend murder, they need to do this to release the tension.

    Swearing is, in my humble opinion, a good and necessary outlet to vent the pressure but, until the powers that be recognise this and act to stamp out swearing in public (which I doubt will ever happen) then violence will only get worse.

    Having re-read this I am so glad I'm in my 60's, so won't have to endure too much longer, as I see society is going downhill fast with no sign of it ever getting better.

    Sorry to be so honest/negative.

  • necessary outlet I like that.

    I suppose if you want someone to go really bad then f... off is more effective than go away.


  • i dont find it to bad but what is fun you ask them to spell it then they are stumped

  • When did it become so prevalent? When it was deemed to be 'acceptable' by the tv companies - and I loathe it. Their arguement was that 'it reflected real life', I don't know who's life they were talking about because while we heard the occasional 'ordinary' swear words 'in real life', obscenities were very rarely heard. The odd outburst from an argumentative drunk at closing time and the whispered adolescent 'joke' were the only times I heard any obscene language. What we have now is a mirror image of 'their' version of real life, being reflected back into our homes almost on a daily basis. My parents had everyone who had any authority on their side - teachers, police, neighbours, none of them used or approved of bad language and it wasn't used in films or on the radio. Today's parents hardly have a leg to stand on when it comes to protecting their children from such influences, they could turn the tv or radio off but then there's the smart phones and computers ........Anyone remember Mary Whitehouse?

  • I remember what an old cow she was!

  • Ah, it was ever thus: some quotes I happened upon -

    "What is happening to our young

    people? They disrespect their elders, they disobey their parents. They

    ignore the law. They riot in the streets inflamed with wild notions.

    Their morals are decaying. What is to become of them?"

    Plato, 5th-4th century BC

    "The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for

    authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place

    of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their

    households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They

    contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties

    at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers."

    Socrates (apparently disputed), 5th century BC

  • Hi Ergendl

    plus ca change, plus ca meme chose


  • We have noticed it too. We turn off some of the programmes because there is just too much and it doesn't add anything to the story.

  • But talking about TV. They go at it like rabbits. I remember when I was young and a man and a women were starting to kiss (no tongues) the music reached a crescendo and the waves started crashing against the rocks.

    That was the sex scene. Now they show them going at it like a fiddlers elbow.

    Not family viewing I should think.


  • I am still shocked at the f and c words that come out of people's mouths as everyday language and especially shocked at the way it comes out on TV. Presumably I am behind the times as these words seem to have become normal vocabulary. Well, not for me they haven't and it sickens me to hear it. There was a new program on TV the other night 'Our ex wife' I think it was called and they got so many F's in the first 5 minutes I think they were going for a record. Didn't watch the rest.

    Now, I won't say I never say the odd 'b' word and s..t does occasionally figure in my vocabulary - especially when something heavy lands on my foot - but 'f' and 'c' - absolutely not!

  • There is a time and a place,but the young ones today don't care today.I remember my father he never swore in front of women and he would knock anyone down if they swore in front of mum.There is no morals in the kids today.I remember also that if I did not say excuse me,thank you I would get a clip around the ear.wow how the time has changed Gus.💜

  • I so agree with you, Gus! I am a lady, don't use profanity and if a man is a gentleman, he will not use it in front of a lady.

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