HOW sad and true Ken Loach's new film

HOW sad and true Ken Loach's new film

The most vulnerable people are told their poverty is their own fault and lifestyle choices.

Ken Loach‘s new film that takes an uncompromising look at the DWP welfare system reduced critics at the Cannes Film Festival to tears. via @HuffPostUK

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I watched Cathy Come Home recently on You tube.....the theme of homelessness still resonates today. Fifty years years on and what has changed, even though there was an outcry when it was shown in 1966

Just remembered I watched Cathy on BBC IPlayer , but it's gone now. You have to pay to watch it on you tube

Nothing as changed REALY when i got sick i lost lot.

And as if that is not traumatic enough BUT to have state compond issues IS it any wonder so many take the life OR what the is left of them.

BUT I would say no mater how grim NO one should do that.

But on posative note I liked yosser from boys from black stuff he was no nonsence and only wanted to feed is kids

This to many examples of attrition that go's unchecked

I think there were some improvements after Cathy Come Home but things certainly seem to have slipped back again over the past ten years or so.

I agree magpuss, I am old enough to remember the Rachman scandal.....things did improve after that, and Cathy Come Home was influential.

Now I feel for families with children in school living in privately rented accommodation

Untill we get a Govnt that looks after its people , ALL its people , not just the rich, things will not change.

The rot set in again when Thatcher came to power in 79. Selling off council houses and reducing the stock of social housing with no thought to the future. Get rich quick for her mates and not a backward glance at the socially deprived.

The poor get poor and the rich get was a Victorian attitude which stated that the poor were so because it was their fault entirely...was appalling then...even more so now.

I think many of us were born in the war; following this housing shortages, rationing, families did not have a great deal of money & for the majority life was frugal. I do think society was a better place. In the 1960,s, there was a blossoming or it was so for me & the people I went to school with. I think many of us thought we could change the world. A fairer & more equal society & then it all seemed to go slowly wrong. The welfare state became under threat & money seemed to trickle up, rather than down. I think it is disgraceful how vulnerable people are treated. Pleased this film has been made, I hope it reawakes compassion for others. X

I think the latest assessments for benefits are based on whether you have a pulse or not.

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