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Never thought I'd actually look forward to a scan

I do feel like Iike I'm getting better. A lot better than the last couple weeks. As far as my lungs are concerned anyways. I'm breathing better, coughing less. The heat and humidity have died down thankfully.

But I'm still getting this annoying headache from temple to temple, this strange pain that feels like my eyes are straining, even though I'm not straining them, and occassionally they're going out of focus and I get tiny dizzy spells if I'm standing up when that happens.

I'm going to go get my eyes checked, just to be sure, but I'm pretty sure it's not anything optician related or my glasses, because at the same time I'm still getting this weird tingling feeling in my knees and lower legs that I had last Sunday, and a small aching type pain in the right side of my neck. (I'm sure my dad will tell you all I've always been a pain in the neck! ;) lol).

I thought this might just be some side effect of an antibiotic I was taking, but I haven't taken that for a couple days now. I hope this MR scan next week shows something. Because this is not fun. And maybe it's nothing. But I'm scared.

Next Wednesday can't come soon enough!

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I agree Symes, roll on next Wednesday and hope you get some much needed answers. Good luck. xxxx


So pleased you are getting better than you were but I hope the headaches soon clear. Wednesday will soon be here & let's hope the scan gets to the bottom of what's wrong. Then the treatment can begin. Take care, Margaret x


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