Hi I'm new to this but I need some help I'm useing Spiriva 18 micro gram inhalation powder, after having phumonia I was told to use it one a day but one a day is not always working so I'm some days taking twice I sole to my doctors and she said I must only use it once a day because it's dangeras but did not say how and why or any thing please help I'm the one in the glasses the out her is my daughter lol I'm not that luck to have her looks

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Welcome Nanny D and you look fine by the way. It seems odd that your doctor if not looking at why once a day Spiriva is not enough.

If you are still struggling, please go back and ask your doctor what she can do for you to help improve things. It may just be a matter of time as recovering from pneumonia can take a while. See how it goes though. Xxxxx

Spiriva best effect builds up over time. It's probably the most effective dilator out there.. but I can't take it because of side effects. I believe your doctor could/should have added in another type of dilator, like symbicort or formoterol which CAN be taken alongside Spiriva. You could also take Ventolin several times daily to ease breathing until Spiriva has time to build up to max effectiveness. Go back to you GP or respiratory nurse (better) at your practice and discuss it.

Are you suffering with excess mucous? If you feel you're not being helped, it maybe 'cos you have 'plugs' which will take time & effort to shift - you want help from the Pulmonary Re Hab team to show best way to shift them - again, ask at your practice for an urgent referral.

Be careful & Good luck.

PS Have you stopped smoking?

PPS She is a bonnie lass.

The drug is only meant to be taken once a day and last for 24hrs.

Your GP should be looking at what other inhalers might help if you need additional meds.

hi nanny d....you had some very good advice from people that know what they are talking about....

take care xx

It does sound like you need some extra help Nanny-D. I don't know what is appropriate for your medical care but often people who have had pneumonia nebulise ventolin plus other drugs like ipratropium til they are a bit better - they get into the lungs more easily. When you get your urgent appointment, which I too think you should request, ask what other medications options might help.

Sassy is right that recovering from pneumonia takes time - it took me at least 6 months to gradually get back to my normal state. Don't try to do too much too quickly - you have been very ill.

Lovely Mother and Daughter pic Nanny, I imagine you are very proud of her, as indeed you should be! Xx

Hi Nanny, I don't think I can add to the excellent replies. Just wanted to say hello & wish you well. X

Hello Nanny D. That is a lovely picture by the way. I think you'd best consult with your doctor. It's probably not the bbc rest thing to use it too much although I totally understand how much you need the relief. Take good care. xx 🍀

Yes I have used that for 11 years and have always been told only 1 capsule a day. You must have other inhalers that you use, just make sure you use them properly too xx

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