not enough oxygen into body?

Hi all, hope you are all doing ok. Just have a question i hoped anyone could help me with. I should have asked consultant but too many thoughts going on at the time, lol. I went to see my consultant last week for results of a full lung function test. She said my lung function is good but i am not getting enough oxygen going into my body, due to smoking, therefore the oxygen is not flowing round body properly. I am always short of breath and have a constant cough but am still active. I set my quit date for yesterday and so far so good, early days i know. I haven't been given anything but am being sent for a ct scan just to see and go back and have another lung test and see consultant in December. My question is...because im so scared, how dangerous is this and is there a chance it will get better without smoking as i really do not want to end up needing oxygen. Thank you so much all for reading. xxx

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  • Hi

    In simple terms, carbon monoxide from the effects of smoking enters the blood in place of oxygen. If you stop smoking then only oxygen will enter your blood stream.

    The only treatment is to remove the cause stop smoking, if an issue speak to your GP or pharmacy to receive help, don't struggle it is important to stop.

  • thank you so much for your reply. so in other words if i stop putting the rubbish into my body i am hoping breathing gets better and chest doesn't feel clogged up if that's possible and not too late, as lung function ok. so stupid really, but you never think it will happen until it does.

  • Hi stopping smoking will slow down the progression. I know how hard it is but the sooner you stop the better you will feel. If you need help and people to go through the prosses with you HU have a quit support site the people are friendly. I am also a member and there are a few who also have COPD. Take care.

  • Hi, Thanks for reply, thank you for the advice on support site. Also when you mean slow down the progression, do you mean copd?. I haven't been told i have this but as oxygen is not being absorbed properly due to effects of smoking i suppose i must have or will have copd. Thank you so much for your help.

  • You'll probably find yourself coughing more now that you've stopped smoking but it will just be your lungs having a good clear out and getting rid of all the gunk so do don't worry about that. Top tip for quitters - put the money that you would have been spending on cigs in a jar then watch it mount up. It's very satisfying and in 'about' six months, you get to go on a totally guilt free spending spree - and that's even more satisfying! Good luck.

  • Thank you, yes i will. Funny thing is about 8 years ago i quit for 6 months and didn't cough anything up after 20 odd years smoking. take care thank you

  • Not necessarily alrighttreacle. Around 80% of smokers don't get copd. And you say your lung function results are good. However quitting is still the most important thing you can do for your overall health, copd or not, so good luck with it. Each minutes without a cig is a victory :)

  • Hi, Thanks for reply. Yes quitting is the most important thing, i feel like absolute crap anyway and i suppose thedepressing feelings about giving up will pass. Take care and thank you

  • The depressing feelings could be withdrawal. Stick with it and give yourself other treats til your body adjusts. Congratulate yourself often, you're doing great.

  • thank you i will, lol and hopefully don't get fat. :0)

  • Yes the progression of COPD. Hopefully you may not have it as your lung function is good. The scan will tell the consultant what they are dealing with. And if you need inhalers. They will put you on the right ones. Good luck.

  • Thank you, my gp gave me 2 inhalers before i went to see consultant, a pink one and a blue one, i was taking them but they don't make a slight bit of difference. consultant said to stop using them. That's why i am a bit baffled lol. Thanks for your help

  • Is a bariactric (bad spelling) oxygen chamber , any good? Or worth trying , some m s centres have them

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