Do you remember

the first song or piece of music that got you really exited that you could have listened to all day.

Mine was Elvis Presley singing Heartbreak Hotel.

After that I could name and probably sing all the songs in the top twenty charts.

Today I haven't a clue about the singers, musicians or groups in the top 20

It is a generation thing I suppose.

That's life.


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Holst's Planet Suite, when I was junior school age. I used to write poems about the music as I listened to it.

Rather highbrow Ergendl at that age. I didn't appreciate classical music until well into my 40's.


Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture

Ta ta ta da, ta ta ta da.



gustavski u sound as if u r saying goodbye to your father in that reply


that's how the start of the 1812 sounds to me.


I can remember most of the words of the old songs on you tube....but can't remember where I put my glasses to watch the videos properly.

That's life for sure.

I remember the first record I bought....Glad all Over by the Dave Clark Five....cost 6/8 .

I can also sing along to a lot of 80s and 90s hits daughters were at home then so they played them often and loudly.

6/8... six shillings and eight pence. Even people in their 30s can't remember the old monetary system.

My mother (RIP) still talked of 10 shillings when she meant 50 pence. It was very hard for old people at that time to grasp it.


Concrete and clay you to me are everything. I think that's right


Hi gus, my mother remembered when decimalisation came in, one person told her they should wait for all the old people to die before they introduced it as they got confused with the New Pence.

They would have to wait a long time.

Only yesterday my neighbour and I were talking about the price of you do....and saying that it cost over ten shillings to post a letter now.

Morning knitter

I found myself ranting to the check out lady in Tescos the other day ....l needed a lemon, one small bloody lemon was 35p..... That's seven shillings for a lemon, disgusting , l grumbled, and she agreed with me !

I then passed two boxes of Magnums to her...grinned and told her l don't care how much these are, because they are for me and l am addicted to them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Hi velvet, i still think of old money as 'real money' .....forgetting that I was earning about Β£1,000 a year at that time.

If my maths are correct 1000 pounds is around 20 pound per week. That was quite a good wage in the 50s - 60s

I got 32 pounds a month as a MN seaman in the late 50s

okay food and board thrown in as well.


My stepdad was 84 when decimalisation began and he just couldn't get his head round it at all. On one occasion he was going to catch a bus into town to get his pension and was trying to work out which coins he'd need for the fare. My mum sorted that out for him then we both tried to get him to understand the different value of the coins so that he'd know what was needed for the return trip. My dad wasn't the most patient of men and after a few minutes of very obvious bafflement he put all the coins in his pocket and said 'b . . . . r it, I'll walk' - and he did. It was three and a half miles to town and he walked there, and back.

You sound very much like me knitter, as far as memory's concerned, and I too am ok up to the eighties, as far as music's concerned!

"She loves you yeah yeah yeah." suddenly woke up to the Beatles. Xxx

That was my next favourite after The Crystals.

I remember when I was a kid, my dad playing The Beatles and Kenny Rogers a lot. But the one I most remember is Jona Lewie's Stop The Cavalry at Christmas time. I can still see my dad pulling the 7 inch vinyl out of it's white paper sleeve.....ah, memories!

Hi symes , I guess that makes me old enough to be similar age to your Dad

If you were born in the 1950's knitter , I guess it does!

Symes you have just mentioned Petes favourite. We should be hearing it soon as it is September after all. Xx πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ»

Indeed. I expect to be hearing it in our local shopping centre any time now lol xx

Without a doubt the first was Bill Haley's Rock around the Clock! Elvis came shortly after that and I just had to have all of his records. But, for some long forgotten reason the first records that I actually bought were Only You by The Hilltoppers (no idea what happened to them) and Its Almost Tomorrow by The Dreamweavers, no idea what happened to them either. Probably just a generational thing but an awful lot of modern music sounds pretty much the same to me.

Bill Haley was the first you are right. I remember after that no young person wanted to listen to the crooners Al Martino, Bing Crosby et al.


No, but it was ok to listen to Johnny Mathis.

I remember playing a certain record over and over again, and still one of my favourites of all time.

We belonged to a jazz club and I had some jonny Dankworth records, Honeysuckle Rose. We spent the first night of our honeymoon at the Charing Cross Hotel and in the alleyway under our window they were playing "When the Saints Come Marching In".

Then he kissed me, by The Crystals. As a child I loved Que sera by Doris Day.

Azure_Sky I play the drums a little and drum beat on the crystals record sticks with me



Hi I suppose it would have been buddy holly but I always liked the Kinks


Not so keen on the Kinks jimmy but Buddy Holly was the bee's knees I was going to say the dogs b.. but I thought better of it.


Good job too!

I barely remember, it was Honeycomb by Jimmy Rogers, I believe. I was 4-5 years old, it actually came out when I was 2, but I don't remember that far back.

Petula Clarke. Downtown. 1964 from memory

hi Seaforth .

She was a very popular lady in Britain around that time. Other ladies I can think of Alma Cogan, Helen Shapiro or were they earlier?


I can remember my mum playing Elvis,Sam cook,I still listen to their music and Dean Martin.

The Drifters - Save the last dance, among many more, music is my thing. Used to frequent the local working men's club with my family every weekend and watch the bands and great comedians they used to have on. Loved it so much in my 20's joined a band a played in the social clubs. Maybe as a non smoker this is the reason for my breathing problems as there was no smoking ban then and I could barely see the audience in the clouds of smoke. Still enjoyed every minute :-)

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