I am only writing

two posts today. here's the first one.

I hate, no that is too strong. I dislike the countryside.

Much as been written how lovely, how peaceful, how bucolic it all is. Well it just gives me a pain in the nether regions.

I once stayed on a farm for a week and I never heard so much noise. It was worse than being on the M1 with all the windows wound down.

Cows mooing, sheep bleating, birds chirping, tractors starting up and all this at the crack of dawn.

Give me the city anytime.


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Great, Gus! That leaves the countryside for people like me who love it. You continue to enjoy your cities, with all their pollution and crime. I'll continue to enjoy the fresh air, the wind soughing through the trees, the birdsong, the gentle lapping of the flowing river.

Well you got me there. But surely there is crime in the country side.

I have heard of certain people stealing sheep and all kinds of farm equipment.

Maybe you are not on a working farm but I can tell you it is not very peaceful very early in the morning if you are.

Well Gus

You enjoy your....car alarms going off, house alarms going off, lawn mowers / strimmers/ hedge trimmers starting up at the crack of dawn, car door slamming rowdy Neighbors, juggernauts thundering by all day and night, late night drunken revellers staggering down the road vandalising anything in their path, emergency vehicles sirens, cars going by with the music at ear splitting level, dogs barking, people walking by with their phones blasting out music, car horns blasting, crappy air, choking polluted.... city.

How dare you velvet. I am only a drunken reveller on Saturday nights.

Just kidding I rarely drink alcohol now.

Well you have a point. But here's the clincher... it's boring in the countryside.


You have described lots of places there velvet. Not nice here sometimes and supposed to be a village. Love the countryside. XxxxπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Hi Sassy

I am lucky, l live on the outskirts of a large city, so l have the benifits of both.

I love spending time in the countryside, but l love being close to the shops πŸ˜‚


I bet mr v bank card don't like you being near shops

Hi bungalow boy

I am not a kept woman πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I have my own bank card πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


don't mean you don't have his as well

Got it in one Mm...l have been rumbled !! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Best of both worlds velvet! Even better, would be coastal countryside on the edge of a large town.

Sounds idyllic....as long as l am not far from a Magnum stockist πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Oh don't worry, I'm never too far away from a freezerπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

yep...I think your right velvet..am going to move..

Hi Andy

Your garden looks Idyllic, why would you want to move.

PS....so pleased Nancy is making a good recovery


sorry velvet...when i was reading your reply. .I thought I was still in London. ...am o.k. now.xx

Hi Andy

You did move πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


yes I now live in Thailand πŸ˜›

Glad you remembered Andy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚xx

as far as am aware there are no rules on how many post you can put on in one day...

and i have never seen or heard anyone complain on such a thing...

well maybe once ...and that member has never been seen again...

personally Gus I wouldn't take any notice of grampy people ☺


Good on ya Andy. I try not to.


Swap my stunning British Countryside for a city choking in all forms of pollution? No.

Morning J

I don't blame you, our countryside is beautiful, and peaceful compared to a city.

As for the air quality, give me the countryside any day....apart from when it's muck spreading time πŸ˜‚


Good morning velvet55

I grew up in a city during the war, the Manchester blitz and the pea soupers, and lived there until I was 18. We used to get away into the countryside at every opportunity, and when we actually moved our home that set the seal - never been so happy and still am. Muck spreading never bothered us, but there is muck spreading and there is the other type of muck spreading. I know which I prefer. Have a lovely day velvet:-)


swap my stunning city with museums, concerts, shop till you drop malls for the boring country side with someone with a silly costume on blowing a horn and shouting Tally Ho. Not likely.


Not a city person gus but each to their own. Enjoy your day wherever you are. Xx

I live on the edge of a town, close to open countryside , between the M1 and A1.....so I get the best or maybe the worst of both sides!

Our neighbour used to keep a flock of free running hens and cockerels.....the males used to compete at the crack of dawn to see who could crow the loudest.

Morning gus you can put as many posts as you like, but I have to disagree on countryside v city, countryside wins hands down for me. I would live in the middle of a field given the chance! Xx

I'd take the countryside over inner cities any day oif the week. Over the years, I've been fortunate to live in places that have been a mix of the two, as I do now so it's great :)

Morning gus, I live in a town surrounded by country side, so to me I have the best of both, big enough with shops and entertainment, 5 minute drive into the beautiful peaceful countryside, cities are just to busy, overcrowded, noisy, sometimes smelly, places. I'll stick with where I live, ( but I'd move tomoz to live by the sea ) xx Sonia xx

Hi gus, could I just add that posts like this are such a help to me. Thank goodness for HU and the varied posts.....I used to wake in a flat panic and grab my inhaler when I was so breathless....now I am calmer after reading about other people's experiences and remedies.

Just reading and taking part in the debate about country and town, or pop music acts as a distraction and a link with other people in a similar situation.

Thanks again.....time for a decaf coffee and a trip to the tip with all my garden waste.....love the gardening posts and photos too. And pets, now I can't keep any myself . .....( any came out as ' ant' which reminded me of Past me Bests antics)

That sounds true knitter. I realize if I panic my breathing suffers. But if I stay calm everything seems okay.


Hey sonia,

That sounds good living by the sea.

I would like to live in a house in Hamburg with a window over the Elbe watching the ships come in. Before you ask.... much to expensive.

Rotterdam would be okay too but I don't speak Dutch. not even the double variety.. ha ha


:) I have to agree with you gus. I'm definitely a city girl myself, though I do love the sea too, so now have the best of both. x

Hey cough it seems you and I are the only ones who do not want to live in the country. Bunch of straw chewing yokals ..... I mean country lovers on here.


Each to their own gus. But I do get fed up of people keep going on about how lovely the countryside is. x

Right on cough.

I went on a community walk one time it was over some fields and we were up to our ankles in cow sh..sugar.

Sorry give me a pavement anytime.


Remember that old song "I do like to be beside the seaside"

But then again there is a world of difference between say Blackpool and Brighton

I was at a seaside place called Skegness a month or so ago and I swear I didn't see the sea. It was miles away.


correction here I was in Southport in Lancashire not Skegness.

Apologies to any Skegnessians if that is what you call yourself


Don't worry, Skegness just the same!

Hi carnival. do you call yourselves Skegnessians?


Yep I am in total agreement with you there Hanne :) Bev xx

I prefer living a city. I lived in a small village in the country for 20 years before my husband passed away. And didn't like . I moved back to the city and I am not to far away from the river forth in Edinburgh love being back in the city.

Hi nottobad

Love Edinburgh. great city.

If I ever decided to leave England I think that is where I would wind up. Or maybe Belfast another place I am fond of. Not forgetting Glasgow of course.

Cardiff and London.....great cities but not for me.


Hi gus yes Edinburgh is a beautiful city. I was acctually born in Leeds. My Dad was offered a job in Edinburgh or Ireland. When I was 10 years old. I was so happy that he chose Edinburgh.

I enjoy both gus. Yesterday, I was in London. I enjoy the mix of people, the buildings, the excitement of it all. If I would have had more time, I would have enjoyed the shopping, theatre, St Pauls & walking Battersea Park. I love the countryside too, particularly, flat walks by the stream in the Doone Valley or cliffs overlooking the sea. Woods & meadows, what's not to love, the air is great. X

Hey Gus,you can have the city ,I'm a country girl.


And kangaroos in my paddock

Better than having neighbors

Big hugs

hi DD

Like the hugs, you can keep the kangaroos.

Why not neighbours. They can hug you to.


Hey Gus if you seen my neighbors I don't think you would want a hug lol !!!

Forgot fresh air πŸ˜„

got to be the country side for me too , we have a 200 odd acre common /woodland a few yards from our bungalow you can walk any where on it and might no see a soul , lovely ,

Last week I stayed at my daughters for a couple of days, she lives in a tiny hamlet in Shropshire about six miles from Shrewsbury - it was so nice to wake up to birdsong instead of traffic noise and to go to bed and not have the glare of street lights at all hours of the night. When I came home the change of air was very noticeable and for three days I was far more tired and sob than usual. Yet I live in a village on the edge of the greenbelt and just a couple of miles from a city, sounds like the best of all worlds but the village has grown in size and the number of cars now is ridiculous. Our street was just a quiet little backwater now - because of one small change to improve traffic flow in the village it's more like a rat run. Not being a driver I can't understand the thinking behind this change of route. It doesn't shorten the journey at all, as they go round rather than through, part of the village. They still have to wait to get onto the very busy main road to leave the village, it's just that they're waiting a bit further down the road. In effect, they're driving a bit further to join the same nose to tail queue on the same main road. I've come to the conclusion that most drivers see themselves as time travellers - they seem to have the illusion that they can be anywhere within ten minutes, regardless of traffic, weather or anything else. Bless 'em.......or not!

Magpuss .........Sssssshhhhhh about Shropshire......... our best kept secret:-)


Oh sorry Jennifer - (I was showing off) but you're right, it is one of our best counties.

Completely understood Magpuss. Can't help it can we - a County to end all Counties:-)

Give me the cows and sheep any day beats nosey neighbours any day

I also love village life, even Troon, just over the hill is too big for my tastes. Towns and cities are too grey in the winter. Far too many people as well. The coo field is one row from house, smells interesting at muck spraying time. Glasgow is 30 mins away up the motorway on the very rare occasions I need a city, usually oldest daughter needed something but she's in Dundee now so that will be an even rarer visit.

I think more people should be in city's keeps the countryside just the way it should be,

I was born and brought up in the countryside and had a sound and grounded upbringing. Life was good. I subsequently moved to London where I worked almost all of my life and settled down, married, kids etc. Living in a London suburb, I still get yearnings for the countryside from time to time but what I find to be the biggest difference is the people not the geographic locations. I have always found people in large cities to be more insular than those you would find in the countryside. For me its not the location so much but rather the people you meet in life. Be lucky.

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