Will a walking stick help?


As most of you know I have stage 4 copd.

I am really struggling to be able to get very far before I have to stop to get my breath.even just a few steps and I'm sob.

I don't go out on my own anymore as I feel the need to lean on something/body while walking.but I'm getting so fed up with being stuck indoors.

I had a brainwave today,and ordered myself a lovely purple flowery walking stick.

Thinking this will help me to get out and about.

Has anybody else got one? And has it helped?

Love to all.xx

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  • Hi Fantasy3 if you feel that you need some sort of physical support then you may find a walking stick will be of some help to you.

    I use a walking stick with wheels on and find it a great help to me.

    Regards. John

  • Hi

    You would probably be better with a rollator, they come with 4 wheels and a seat for resting.


    Or three wheels


  • Beat me to it stone I was going to say the same thing

  • I have a walking stick (well several different groovey ones) for short distances. However I have a rollator with a seat on for longer distances.

    The rollator came from care.co.uk like stone suggests.

    My walking sticks come from switchsticks.co.uk they are different and don't make me feel like I'm 100 years old!

  • I have a few walking sticks, one that can fold up and several sticks, elm or hazel from the woods, great for thrashing weeds 😊 my fold up one has worn down to the metal lol and has just had a piece of wood stuck in the end ! Over the years I have leaned heavily on my stick to rest and I'd never be without it now 😀 huff xxx

  • Thanks everyone.some very interesting replies.

    Mines a fold up one hufferpuffer😊

    Can't wait to get it now.


  • fold ups fit neatly in the handbag ready for whjenm neededx

  • Mines a fold up one too.x

  • Just doing a PR course - they recommend a stick when walking and a trolley when shopping because we can balance better and "hunch over" when we need to get out breath back. Seems to make great sense (but I use one anyway)

  • Try a shopping trolley which is also designed to be a seat. Could not manage without mine.

  • I use a folding walking stick; useful to rest on particularly when I get tired and back is bad. Physio prescibed me one but I bought the folding one because the wooden was so heavy. I have a little gadget called a Brigit this is helpful in balancing stick in coffee shops etcetera. One a physio said maybe better with walking poles because they keep us straighter when breathing, than on one side with a stick. X

  • I have walking poles from my hiking days and keep thinking that I should use them. If I found them helpful when I was fit then surely they will help now? You have spurred me on. And I also love the idea of pretty/funky/sparkly sticks. How do you calculate the right length? I am tall.

    Will investigate

    Kate xx

  • I would be lost without a rollator, started with a 4 wheel one with a seat you can sit on if you need a rest. Was very useful but I changed to a 3 wheel one which is much more manoeverable to get in and out of shops and folds up better for storage. If you find supermarket trolleys help then I am sure you would find one useful. Joyce

  • I use a folding walking stick with a little seat on it - invaluable for long train or bus journeys, or a day out. It fits easily into my voluminous bag and snaps open as soon as I need it.

  • Hi Fantasy3, I am still fairly mobile, but have been told walking sticks do not work for everyone, but a cheap option to try, yours sounds pretty. Other possibles are ones with a small seat or a tri walker with a seat . If you log into mobility aids on line there are lots of walking aids at varied prices mostly under a £100. Or you could ask your GP about free aids from community care facilities or the local hospital. Hope the info is of use. Beware walking sticks slip in wet weather sometimes. Good luck with regaining independance to go out. xx

  • It certainly helped me! I had the same brainwave back in 2013 when my problems first started getting really bad. Doctors and friends would look at me, some with humour, some with scorn. "What do you need a stick for?" was a very common question back then. I had one simple answer:

    "To lean on when I get out of breath, because there isn't always a bench to sit on, or a wall to lean against. If I need to stop to catch my breath or take my inhaler, I use the stick"

    Not many people question it now. And it is very handy when I have to go out.

    Good luck with yours :) x

  • That's exactly what I need it for.

    If I go out with my hubby,I use him to lean on,as you say,there is not always somewhere for us to rest .


  • I have COP & Emphysema and I am 69 and each day is different and no I do not have a flowery walking stick but I could not do without my carved 'manly' wooden walking stick!! Invaluable tolean on safewith. Enjoy your stick. Tony

  • Having used walking sticks for a few years, I have finally given in and purchased a mobility scooter. It has opened up a whole new life for me. I am now going to places that I hadn't been to for years. Life for me began at 80!!!!

  • I have similar problems to you and I use a rollator (same as Stone) which is great to lean on and has a seat for resting do not find a stick by itself helps enough for me but do use a walking frame in my back garden (as easier to get out the backdoor than the rollator) also better on grass - hope that helps - take care xxx

  • I used to use walking sticks but unless you use two you are putting the whole alignment of your back out, also hurt my hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and spine too but I have a lot of other medical problems so maybe putting a lot more weight on than people with a lung disease. Also like others had mentioned I had some pretty scarey events when they slipped. I like my 3 wheeled roller thing the best on the rare times I am walking. Also has a bag on which fits my oxygen cylinder. Got it through GP/Occupational Therapy Dept. I wish it had a seat but not sure if I could get a 3 wheeler with a seat.

    Best of luck.

    Keep Smiling or in my case Keep Twinkling

    Love from Twinkling Star Xx

  • ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from...

    I hope this works! huff😁🌸🌟🌟🌟🌟xxx

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