It is said

that the greatest film of all time is Citizen Kane. Good film yes but greatest?

Anyway people's tastes vary so much in this respect. I mean I even heard that Sound of Music was up there in the lists. Come on, I would rather walk around with a bucket on my head than watch the S of M. If you want musicals Some Like it Hot has to be up there with the greatest

To me a good film is one that you want to watch again. The Sixth Sense does it for me. One with a real twist to the ending.

What floats your boat?


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I so agree with you about Sound of Music. I remember watching it in the cinema and thinking I cannot stomach any more of this sugar!

I really enjoyed "Oliver!" Could watch that over again. There have been so many films over the years, I am sure there are other favorites, just can't think at the moment. Iris x

Yes Oliver was a great film. But which version? I also watched the original stage show in London in the 60s.


Its the 1968 version of Oliver! For me, with Mark Lester as Oliver.

" Green mile " for me, love Tom Hanks films, Apollo 13, Philadelphia, but as for musicals I do love " calamity Jane " xx Sonia xx

Sonia you missed out Forest Gump.


But that's why I said Tom hanks films, too many to name, I love castaway, big, saving private Ryan the list goes on but ultimately green mile out does them all for me xx Sonia xxx

I think he got an Oscar for F G or was it for something else?


For philedelphia and forest grump xx Sonia xx

To sonia You can't keep a good man down or a women for that matter.


Did you mention Saving Private Ryan


Slumdog Millionaire. By the way the "contestant" on that film is also in a film on Film 4 tonight. The Best Marigold Hotel.

Worth watching.


Gosh that's a tough one, there are so many. As I said in a previous post can watch Footsteps in fog any time. Sixth sense great ending. Die Hard mainly for Alan Rickman, Les Mis, seen on stage umpteen times, and I know many hate the new film but I love it. Many old British black and white, specially those made in London, with the likes of Jack Hawkins, John Grigson etc. I could go on, and on and on.....

I walked out of Les Miserables half way through it bored the ar.. I mean bottom off me.

I did the same with Lincoln.


Forgot to mention some like it hot, one of my all time favourites too

Love Some like it Hot and The Graduate plus Dead Poets Society and as a tribute to the brilliant Gene Wilder, Silver Streak. Xxxx

I watch some like it hot at least once a year, jack Lemmon is a delight

MisUse - liked many of the post war British black and white films but favourites of all time:-

The Sound of Music - can still picture my daughter as a small child singing all the songs with the actions too. The Guns of Navarone. Reach for the Sky. Hornblower R.N. The Cruel Sea. Dr Zhivago.

Haven't watched films for years - last one I went to the Pictures to see was The Deerhunters. I'd much rather read the book that spawned the film.

Hi J

I also like the old black and white post war films, The Dambusters being one....

but the best film ever is Disney's The Jungle Book....l just love that Bear πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


I watched the new Jungle Book on the Internet for free. Don't tell anyone will you.



Hello velvet...............

Baloo.............I liked Bagheera and Kaa.........ssssssssssssssss

Hey Jennifer S What about Whiskey Galore. Great British B&W film.

Also anything with Alex Guinness.


The Ealing Comedies. St Trinians. etc., etc., etc.,

....all good but not in my favourites.

Loved "The Third Man" ....good film, great music.

The moment I saw Superman flying to save Lois Lane has stuck with me for ever...It was Soooo real to me...I actually cheered I wasn't the only one...obviously a sci-Fi freak... but I don't care I loved it πŸ˜†

loved the tights.


There are a few films, I could watch time and again. "Rebecca", "The Queen" and films like "Notting Hill", "Love Actually" etc.

I am trying to think of the B&W film where Betty Davis still thinks she is a star.

Bela Lugosi the best vampire ever also starred.


Whatever happened to Baby Jane?

I love Betty Davis films, she was a one off, what a bitch in The Anniversary...Brilliant.

Is it All about Eve? Good film

Sorry mrsmummy and misuse.

I had got it wrong as usual. The two you mentioned where great films but it was Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard with William Holden that i was thinking about.

God knows why I mentioned Bela Lugosi he wasn't in it.


Some Like it Hot, brilliant film, The Odd Couple, another superb Jack Lemmon film. What about Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers? I can watch them endlessly. Bringing up Baby with Cary Grant & Kathryn Hepburn, loved that! Hated the Sound of Music & couldn't bear Mamma Mia, truly awful. Deliverance is great, 7even, The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish version), Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, Kelly's Heroes. Ooh I'm getting carried away there are SO many!!

I can't think of any modern horror films that were any good except The Shining with Jack Nicholson and the excellent Swedish horror vampire film Let the Right One In.

But the B&W films with Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price were all top class.


Okay then,

Shawshank Redemption with Tim Robbins

Inherit the Wind - Spencer Tracey

12 Angry Men - Henry Fonda

Apollo 13 - Tom Hanks

Castaway -Tom Hanks and Wilson the ball

The first three Star Wars

Drag me to Hell - frightened me to death

War of the worlds Tom Cruise

Gladiator - Russell Crowe

Safe House Denzel Washingon

Old Boy - contraversial Korean Film

Bridge of spies - Tom Hanks


Calamity Jane is mine,I can watch that over and over,Windy City is might pretty but it ain't got what we got,lol I'm singing now.🌷🌷

I'm telling ya boys. I wouldn't trade one half of Deadwood for the whole of illinois.


The good the bad and the ugly, summer holiday. ,the clockwork orange, God I'm showing my age

No you're not. They were great films enjoyed by young and old. well okay we won't mention Summer Holiday which makes me gag.


Come on!! no one mentioned ET. Great film if you are a kid or want to be a kid again.


Surely someone mentioned Godfather and Godfather 2

and what about Apocalypse Now and On the Waterfront.

Who will ever forget Last Tango in Paris.

Marlon Brando must be up there with the greatest actors ever.


You made me smile Gus πŸ’œ

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