Hot sleeping

Hot sleeping

I've had chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis for the past 31 years, now progressing to COPD early stages. Respiratory burns in 1985.

I am a really hot sleeper. Often just using a sheet or maybe a light blanket in the winter. I long for a night where I don't wake up over heated and drenched. A proper deep sleep would be wonderful. At home I keep a fan on all winter and an A/C in the summer.

I'm way past menopause.

A friend who is a doctor thinks it just could be my lungs.

Anyone else out there who suffers similarly?

Saw this cat at Whipps Cross hospital. They were marvellous. Developed a DVT enroute to England from Australia.

Cheers Maddy.

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Love the sleeping cat on the bench, Maddy. I'm not as hot a sleeper as you, but do need to cool off sleeping at times, and this has been happening since I went through an early menopause in 1998. I wear light cotton pajamas and sleep under a candlewick bedspread - loosely woven cotton which my cat loves and is easily washed. Occasionally I stick my left leg out of the bed covers to cool down. All together now - "Put your left leg in, your left leg out, in out in out, why's it still so hot?"

Thanks Ergendl,

I use hospital cotton blankets and very light cotton pjs.

It's been about 20 years of very hot sleeping now.

On the nebuliser now. I use salbutamol followed by hypertonic saline in an Omron neu17. The best I can find. Cleans my lungs out thoroughly to start the day.

Cheers M

Doing the hokey pokey.

I like the song! That will help when I wake up and throw the quilt off yet again! It has been quite humid here the last few days even though it may not have been overly hot and has not rained. the humidity I seem to get along with is around 60% to 64% but it has regularly been in the middle to late 70's this week - the best (worst) was 78%

hello Maddy, I have bronchiectasis. Until the menopause I was always freezing in bed. Since then no problems being cold. However, being hot and having night sweats are two different things. Night sweats are usually associated with infection in the lungs and in my case, an exacerbation of my bronchiectasis. Do you have a lung consultant? If not, now is the time to insist that your GP refers you to a good one who specialises in bronchiectasis. As you probably know bronchiectasis is a separate condition whilst chronic bronchitis comes under the umbrella of COPD. This makes your situation quite complex and I'm afraid that in general GPs do not have the knowledge to cope with both, especially the bronchiectasis. A consultant will support you and your GP by telling them how to treat you. Also you can get any underlying reason for the night sweats investigated.

Thank you. Seeing my specialist in November. Will raise with him. He's been looking after me for 31 years. Cheers M.

Yes a good idea. Always best to get things checked out and find if there are any other reasons which can be treated.

Hi both.....I too get hot sweats at night when I have an infection, my inbuilt thermostat also changed when I was having thyroid problems .

Hi. Yes. I'm hypothyroid too.

I know exactly how you feel but I believe I get this because of menopause I am about 4 years in now. Menopause symptoms do not always go away and are sometimes there for the rest of your life you just get used to living with them (well that is what they say). My late Mother-in-Law had hot flushes and night sweats from menopause until her dying day and when you consider she had a hysterectomy at age 42 that was a long time as she lived until she was 88 bless her. I also have an Aunt who is now 73 and she still gets them. However, your Doc friend may be right and it does have something to do with your lungs. I do find that just ensuring there is air movement around me helps so like you I have a fan on in the bedroom most nights. I have one which clips onto my bedside table so that it doesn't reach my husband.

Morning Maddy.

Yours is certainly a very complex mix of conditions. I am interested in your respiratory burns. Do you mind telling me how it happened? What is the outcome of your DVT? When did that happen?

Sorry. I am always so passionate about complex/unusual lung diseases and conditions that I forget that it can come across as a bit of an interrogation.

And as for the hot nights, a bit, am always hotter than my Best Beloved (Hmmm...not sure that was well put! But I shall leave it for the naughty boys on this site to snigger about.)

All the best

Kate xx

Respiratory burns 1985 motor accident.

DVT on the flight out to the uk on the 8th August.

Thanks, Maddy. The reason I was so curious is that my lung problems started because of PEs after an operation, and then, very unusually, the damage they caused to the small airways triggered a condition, Obliterative Bronchiolitis. And OB can be caused by inhalation of smoke and toxic gases. So I just wondered if there were any similarities with your problems.

Sorry to have pestered you somewhat.

I hope things improve for you and keep us posted.

Best wishes

Kate x

Yes. Heaps of toxic gases with the interior of the car. No worries, happy to chat. M

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