Saturday night I went to bed, coughing and finding it hard to breathe. My chest infection was still plaguing me. Lucy said I also had a bit of a fever. So instead of sleeping laying down, as is the norm (for fear of coughing up my insides), for the first time in years I slept sitting up - if you can call it sleeping. In and out of consciousness, with a cool flannel over my forehead and a water bottle by my side.

During the night, Lucy had graciously woken from her sleep to fill up said water bottle, as I had drunk the lot in what seemed like no time to me. Normally it can take a couple days for me to drink the whole bottle. Saturday night/early hours of Sunday morning I had gone through a whole bottle in a matter of hours.

I couldn't even stand properly as my legs felt rather weak. Luckily Lucy, and her dad whom we also live with, were great in making sure I had everything I needed. However, as the hours wore on, from Saturday night through the early hours into Sunday morning, I noticed something strange, something different.

My right arm had also become very weak, weak enough that I could barely lift it with any gumption, and my right hand had swollen. A ring I wear on that hand felt like it was beginning to cut off the blood flow in the finger it was on, so I had to force it off. I began to notice a pain in my right shoulder and right side of my neck too.

I started wondering what was happening. Was it just an allergic reaction to something that would settle down after a few hours? I left it for the time being but as the morning wore on, it hadn't 'settled down'. By this point, my breathing was getting worse too, and that scared Lucy.

111 was called around 10am yesterday, and out came a Paramedic. My SATS were 100%, so it wasn't lack of oxygen as I had feared, and my blood pressure was top notch. The Paramedic told me to slow my breathing down and I'd stop hyperventilating and then I would be fine. If I need to go to hospital, he'll call a taxi. No ambulances available.

Yeah, great. Thanks for that. There's a reason I may be hyperventilating. "But what about my arm?" I asked him. Had to explain to him how it felt, what was happening etc. He done a couple of tests, and called in a couple of colleagues, who funnily enough, arrived in an ambulance!

I was whisked off to London's University College Hospital, where they have a specialist stroke unit, instead of my local hospital. Stroke. Unit? I'm only 40. I'm too young to have had a stroke. Aren't I? Lucy came with me because by now I was pooping my pants.

Anyway, I was admitted sometime between 11.30am and 12pm. CT scans, x-rays, reflex hammer by two different doctors. Poked, prodded and all other manner of tests. And questions. Lots of questions. But. Nothing. They found nothing. And by the time I was discharged at 7pm last night, the swelling in my hand had gone down, and the function in my arm had almost fully returned.

The only thing they were able to say is that it may have been some kind of blood clot that dissipated during the day. One of the Doctors I saw at UCH is going to write to my GP, and ask for me to be referred to a Neurologist.

A Neurologist? OK, so now I'm officially scared for what the future holds, health wise. But I can only wait and see I guess.

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How very frightening for you and your family Symes. It's good that you were taken to hospital and had all the tests. I do hope that all will turn out well for you.

Take care and try not to worry too much, not easy l'm sure. You are being well cared for. Xxxxx

Thank you Sassy xx

What a relief that your arm has returned to normal, Symes, and that the Stroke unit hasn't diagnosed a stroke. I know it'll be difficult, but try to concentrate on today and what you can manage, rather than what a Neurologist might say in the future. Remember to use pursed lips breathing to help control hyperventilation if and when it happens. And keep visiting these pages - you're among friends here.

I will Ergendl no worries there. Thank you xx

Hello Symes, sorry to hear you have been scared out of your wits over changes in your health. What you relate is frightening and it would scare me too. Guess you are worried in case it occurs again, but at least they are referring you for further investigation by sounds of it. So fingers crossed things will stay good not get worse for you, because as you say you are quite young to be having a stroke but sadly these things do happen and we have no control over it , bit like the changing weather. Time will tell but hopefully this was just a single incidence, and you won't have to wait too long for an hospital appointment . Take care and if in doubt call an ambulance.

I will katieoxo60 Lucy will make sure of that! Thank you xx

Oh Symes don't be scared, easy to say I know. You have had a thorough check over which is good, and a visit to the Neurologist should put your mind at rest. Enjoy today! Xx

I will Sheilab123 , thank you :) xx

Goodness me! I too thought about a stroke as I was reading your story. You can have a stroke at any age - a very fit friend of mine had one at 35. Glad to hear that theya re writing to your GP and that you will get checked out by a specialist.

All the best to you. Take care.

Thank you freefaller

Horrible experience for you Symes, but don't worry about the neurology referral. My husband had a similar thing recently and was referred to a neurologist, to check his arm weakness isn't caused by a trapped nerve or similar. The neurologist is arranging an MRI scan for diagnostic purposes. It could be the same sort of thing for you.

OK Hanne62 that's re-assuring, thank you. Hope your husband is sorted soon too.

That is scary, I'd be wanting to know what it was too.

Hope you do better very soon.

Thank you Robert_Helton

That's terrifying Symes, but I'm glad you're okay. I wonder if they're referring you to a neurologis in case the problem with your arm was a type of seizure? That's just a guess though - but whatever the reason, they're obviously checking you thoroughly to rule out anything serious.

Keep us posted, okay? Love to you and Lucy xx

It's possible Gemma. I do also have epilepsy and they did ask about my epilepsy medication. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Thanks hun, will do xx

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