How to train

your cat.

Much, indeed very much has been told about how to train your dog. Dogs it seems love to be told what to do. Cats on the other hand if they could speak would tell you were to put your training. I can assure you it would be painful.

Anyway it seems cats have a short attention span and they must be relaxed before they can be taught anything. So rewarding with treats and stroking are essential and it must be immediate otherwise they will think they are being rewarded for something else.

This info comes from the Telegraph.


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  • Yes you can train a cat has my wife she had her cat saying it pray well if you seen him you would think so and he use to use the toilet as well but use us to take it every were she went

  • I don't really need to train my cat, I like cats just as they are, all shapes, all sizes, all temperaments - just cats being cats............and anyway, she's trained me!😸😸😻😻🤗

  • I wish my landlords would allow me to have a pet.


  • I went to circus once and there were performing tabby cats. I couldn't believe my eyes. I doubt if it would be allowed now. The cats jumped through hoops and climbed ramps, I can't remember what else. They looked plump happy and glossy coated.

  • Lots and lots of repetition Gus! I trained my kitty in several ways. But she has me trained well also :)


  • Is this fair comment?

    If dogs were human they would be masochists and if cats were human they would be sadists.

    just a thought.


  • No

  • Okay velvet55. what kind of people would cats and dogs be if they were human?

    Bearing in mind the huge amount of anthropomorphism that goes on in adverts, tv shows, films and not forgetting also on this site.


  • Definitely not!

  • Dogs have their owners......cats have their staff!!

    And from the looks I get from my cat..."It's hard to get good help"

    A Dog's view: He loves me, he feeds me, he takes care of me, he keeps me safe....he must be God.

    A Cat's view: He loves me, he feeds me, he takes care of me, he keeps me safe....I must be God.

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