Inogen One G2 backpack

Inogen One G2 backpack

Hi. Does anyone know where I might get a reasonably priced Inogen One G2 backpack? The carry bag is fine but if I don't want to carry another bag it gets a bit full with a spare battery, wallet, phone, etc etc. The G2 has now been discontinued so I'm sure there must be a few out there. I've tried eBay, Gumtree, Exchange & Mart, etc, for a second hand one. I'm really not prepared to pay over £150 for what's basically a customised rucksack!


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Get it directly from the USA -- it's half the price they ask here!

They won't ship to the UK for some reason!

Strange -- they shipped mine, and the backpack, including DHS postage, was still half the price charged here...


Sounds good! Who were they, do you remember?

I sent an email directly to Inogen, the manufacturer. The person whom I contacted was brilliant. It has to be worth a try

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