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Hi everyone I hope your all as well as you can be xx So after being away nearly a year in back I've stopped smoking at started again I'm now being referred to a resperitory team my lung function couldn't be done on last spirometor and the one before that it was 39% if I remember right I am out of breath all the time I'm on 3 different inhalers and a nebuliser 6/8 times a day and 4 times a night my sats are dropping to 74 at night and stay that way in the day there 91 unless I do to much which I can't I have head aches every morn etc and even getting dressed is hard work so I guess what I'm asking is what will happen next .... Oh the smoking is still happening but half what it was so I guess I achieved something but still cross at myself giving stoptober ago xx

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  • Also I was chatting to my doctor yesterday over the phone and was concerned that even talking was making me breathless xx

  • Sorry I meant to say 31 lung function not 39 xx

  • Hi Mummasjred, sorry to hear you're not doing too good.Have you tried Quit Support on Healthunlocked, it would be a help to you I'm sure. Stopping smoking will do more for you than any medication can.Every time your sats drop that low it is bad news for your other organs not just your lungs........When I knew my lungs weren't working properly I went to the doctor's and asked for help.I stopped smoking with patches back then some 12 years ago....( my fev1 was 37% I found out later apparently that gives you a lung age of 118 😕 ).....since I stopped 5 Grandchildren have come into my life and need I say more I'm so happy I'm still here to enjoy them! I'm on ambulatory oxygen and my health is much better my lung age is only 90 now!😁 If you stop and get your lungs functioning better you might be prescribed oxygen saver!😏

  • They won't give you oxygen if you smoke, in case of an explosion.

  • It sounds like you could benefit from a bipap machine, if your stats are dropping so much during the night you are not exchanging gases efficiently this also leads to morning headaches.

  • What is that ?? Eve3066 thank you hufferpuffer xx

  • Just get an e-cig - no withdrawal pangs, no muck in your lungs and Public Health England have stated 95% safer than smoking. Going on 7 years since I switched to vaping and it's so much nicer (and cheaper).

  • A bipap is an NIV ( non invasive ventilator) that you use at night, it is used for sleep apnoea and snoring but also for gas exchanges. I have been using mine for near,y 9 years now and it's made a huge difference to my life. If for nothing else it stopped me feeling totally exhausted during the day and helped me sleep all night without waking gasping for breath.

  • Sorry yes I know what you mean we use to call it the terminater my daughter used one for about 5 years before she passed away xx

  • Why the terminator

  • Pap machine we called it the terminator it was our way of making light of something so heart breaking my daughter had it for 5 years roughly she was 15 when she planned her funeral said her goodbyes to her friends on her 17th birthday and died 4 weeks later xx

  • OMG how awful, what was wrong with her. Sorry you may not want to talk about it.

    Did it help her at all.

    You worried me by your nickname for it.

  • Oh I'm sorry xx she had cf went to Harefield was there youngest patient and they loved her she was ekmo but depspite everything still smiled she was amazing I set up a charity in her name as that's what she wanted to do if she ever got the chance and we have helped 4 children so far not many I know and it's not registered yet all the stuff is ready to go my local community helped raise money after she died she has a website and FB page but because of my stuff things have slowed a little xx

  • So sorry again.

  • Please don't be I like talking about her thank you for asking xx

  • I'm going to have to get all my numbers etc from my doctor and learn what is what cos I've no idea what it all means? ?? All I know is the thing I do a big puff into reads 150....

  • I know the numbers etc but I only know that because of my daughter not because of copd that is something that I'm still trying to work out because obviously it's 2 different things my daughter was born with a life limiting illness mine is self inflicted xxx

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