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Well I went to my GP today to get more prednisone for the awful joint pains, then to my Pulmonoligist for a follow up. This guy is fantastic. He even went for a walk up a hill with me and measured my o2 level all the way. This guy and my Cardiologist are colluding to try to find out why I have never been able to breath well. Been this way all my life. The lung guy says its the heart guys problem and the heart guy says its the lung guys problem. But now that they are interested and intriged, they will try to get to the bottom of it. Hoooraaah!

Had to share, thanks for listening


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  • Thats great news half battle getting them to work together in interest of patient :)

  • That is wonderful news. I hope they find the answer to your breathing difficulty.

  • hope you get some answers

  • Good morning Bruce, and great to know your two doctors have their heads together. I sincerely hope that whatever is the cause will be discovered and a solution found very soon. It's no fun having painful joints, or painful anything.

    All the best, and let us know?

  • Marvellous to find doctor with a bit of interest. Go for it ,between the pair of them they should be able to fix you.

  • That's what I like to hear, docter's that really care, it makes such a difference to our mental attitude.

    I hope they get to the bottom of your breathing problems. xx

  • Fantastic Bruce. Let us know how it goes.

  • Morning Bruce, they do say 2 heads are better then one, fingers crossed they come up with some answers for u xx Sonia xx

  • Good news Bruce, two doctors working together to try and get a result. I have heard other patients saying about doctors blaming each other especially where breathing is involved. Glad you are happy with the result.

  • Docwebb I had similar issue with two consultants (thoracic & rheumatologist) trying to resolve my issues and they bounced of each other to try and get to the bottom of things. But it gives you a sense of worth and you appreciate their efforts. They certainly put my mind at ease.

    Hopefully they will get to the bottom of your issues soon -Until then keep sucking it in :)


  • Gosh you must be thrilled someone listening to you at last. Sounds like you are in great hands Goodluck and let us all know how you get on .

  • Thanks so much for your comments folks. It means a lot that you all care. I am looking forward to reporting good news some day. Just hope it doesn't rake another 70+ years to get the answer.



  • I hope you find out what is causing it. I am having similar problems, We know I have a heart problem but the Cardiologist says he doesnt think that is why I am fighting for breath all the time and the Respiritary consultant says she doesn't think it is lung related. I had a CT High Res chest scan yesterday so am hoping this will at least show something. I am fed up every day fighting for breath and taking so many pills/inhalers etc and still not able to do very much. Really good your 2 specialists are working together.


  • Hi Docwebb, that makes a change to find that some doctors actually will go that extra mile to help their patients, most doctors seem to try and get rid of you without listening to what you have to say. I feel like a guinea pig, when something gives you nasty side effects, its try this then! and see you in a fortnight.

    Its good they have taken a keen interest in your case and hopefully you will have an answer and a treatment that actually helps.

    Take care


  • Hi steve

    Liked your post. Have to say i agree with every word of it. I have had really bad chest infections for the last nine months every month. To date all my doctors keep doing is throwing antibiotics at me, had a very rude gp registrar on the phone to me the other day to tell me i wouldn't be getting any more antibiotics as there was nothing wrong with me. Sputum samples go in everytime and everytime its a different bug??? no bugs then, not!! I have given up, i feel so unwell i spend most of the time sobbing. Apart from shooting myself does any one have any suggestions. My family have tried intervening but were told that the practice is not prepared to talk to any of them

  • Here in the states, colonies, we can designate a medical trustee and they can speak for us. The Dr has to deal with them, like it or not. Maybe there is such a thing where you are? If you decide to shoot, please use a water pistol so we can keep in touch and see how it all turns out. Never hurts to rinse ones ear out with a shot of water.

    Seriously, please keep trying and try not to lose faith.

    Best of luck,


  • Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for your reply. Apologies for taking so long to reply was having internet problems. We have a power of attorney over here in scotland but I believe that in order for it to be activated I have to be mentally incapable of dealing with my own welfare issues.

    Was back at doctors today, was told it was acid reflux lols, He has grudgingly agreed to repeat spirometry. I last had it done two years ago and was told it was normal. But that's not what he told my son today, he stated that two years ago i was on the cusp of copd. I totally give up, that water pistol is looking mighty good though

  • The term here I was trying to remember is health care proxi. As you said the power of attorney kicks in when you can't reasonably make your own decisions. Here at least the proxi does have some say on your behalf.

    Sounds like you have a good advocate in your son. Hope you get some answers soon. I don't check the site all that often so timely replies don't make much difference to me. Be well,


  • Hi Jules Its not going to be easy to by-pass your doctor, but there has to be a procedure if you are not happy with him, has he referred you to see a consultant, it sounds like you should be seeing one as soon as possible.

    The only other action would be to go to your local hospital and let them deal with the chest infection.

    The best thing you can do meanwhile is post your problem on the main here, there is a lot of very helpful people on here, with loads of experience and probably been through the same thing and have an answer to put your mind at rest.

    Keep in touch

    Take care


  • Hi steve

    Thanks for your reply. I was back at doctors today, took my son with me. Doctor now says its acid reflux!!!! I couldn't stop laughing, we did point out to him that the cough associated with acid reflux is a nocturnal cough and it certainly doesn't make you cough up yellow/green mucus. He had nothing to say at that point, but has grudgingly agreed to repeat spirometry. I originally had it done two years ago and was told at the time by the same doctor that it was normal. He informed my son this morning that when they did the test two years ago I was on the cusp of copd. Mmmm does he actually know what he's doing I have to ask? He is refusing to send me to see a consultant as he states there is no clinical need. I think i'll be heading for the hospital pretty soon.

  • Hi Jules, its a start, sounds like you need to change your doctor as soon as possible. Do you have an asthma nurse in your local doctor's surgery, they could be a big help, if you could get to see them.

    Its sad to say that doctors are to be cutting down on costs, it seems they will do anything than refer you to see a consultant.

    You could go privately and see a consultant, but the initial cost is about £250 for the first consultation.

    I am lucky that I have a doctor who will listen, but even he is using me like a guinea pig trying different inhalers, all of which have given me side effects, too bad to continue using the inhalers.

    I have an appointment this morning at the doctors surgery, with a different GP ( mines on holiday)

    Check on-line on how to change your doctor and post on here.

    At least if you go to the hospital you will see a different doctor.

    Good luck, please keep in touch

    Take care


  • Hi Steve,

    Apologies for the delay in replying to you. Where I live its the only practice in the area. I have looked at others nearby but am not within their practice boundary. I have seen other doctors about this in my practice but they just keep referring me back to my own GP as he's supposed to be their "chest expert".

    I'm going to go and have the spirometry and see what happens from there. Thanks for mentioning the private docs, that hadn't crossed my mind. I had a quick look on the internet and there are two private doctors surgeries close by, so if necessary I'll go see one of them. Thanks again for your reply

  • Hi Jules. don't worry about when you reply.

    I guess my own circumstances are different from yours, in that I have seven doctors to choose from, providing I book in advance. If I am not happy with any one of them I can choose another one.

    I chose the older doctor, thinking he would have had more experience of COPD, bad mistake.

    Yesterday my doctor was on holiday, so I had to see the locum, wow what a difference, a breath of fresh air. She knew all about COPD, she explained the results from my consultant and I found I could talk to her about my worries, expectations and future.

    I have been having serious side effects from powder inhalers, she said seeing I was in the early stages of this disease I may not need the long acting drugs, if I can manage with my Ventolin, why add another if not necessary. She even gave me a rescue pack of antibiotics in case I have a relapse at weekends or holidays.

    I know this doesn't help you, but maybe see another doctor at your surgery, he/she may surprise you.

    If they have anything about them, they can soon read up about COPD on the internet, just mention this website, maybe they will read some posts and realise there are a lot of dis-satisfied patients out there.

    The results of your breathing tests should resolve your problems, if they are below normal, your doctor should send you to see a consultant.

    Please keep in touch and best of luck.


  • Hi Bruce, It's great when the pulmonary Doctor and heart doctor get on the same page! I have a lung diease that was just identified, but the pulmonary Doctor wanted to rule out the heart (which at the time was annoying to me, but now I'm so thankful to know my heart is great!) let them do their work, take what you can, and speak up if you don't agree! We have to be our own advocates for our health, as we know our bodies better than anyone. If something doesn't feel right, push to know why. Take a list of questions for your doctor. I write down as I think of things or read things, and i take the list with me. Good luck to you, breathing issues aren't a joke. I will pray that they get you all figured out sir!

    May God Bless,

    -Amy 🌷

  • Thanks again. We've already got an experiment to see what may help. The lung dr gave me a new inhaler to try with/ and without/ on a treadmill to see if it can claim a difference. The result will prove lung? Or heart? I am expecting it to yield useful info. off to farmer's market and breakfast with the wife this AM. Gorgeous day already and I get to spend some of it with my bride.

    Best to all,

  • Brilliant, you must feel relieved that finally they are both taking an interest

    All the best

    JP x

  • Hi Bruce great to hear they are on the same page at last. It gives you so much confidence when you feel you are actually getting somewhere! Xx

  • Hello docwebb,,,I hope these guys get their heads together and get things sorted out for you, you have wasted so much time with dealing with your breathing problems...Doctors passing the buck from one to another is not a good thing,,,and when you think that the term cardio vascular is about heart and lungs together,,,look after yourself,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Hi two heads are better than one .Lets hope these clever and dedicated men will have an answer for you

  • Thanks. Will report any progress. It may be helpful to others here.

  • Well it will be great to have them figure it out right?

  • Fingers and toes crossed.


  • good luck with that one Bruce. ...could come to something. ...

  • Fantastic hope it all goes well. Good on you☺Your dr sounds really interested which is great.

  • ll done. Where ? Who? How is it that some chest Drs don't recognise the heart connection especialy in Primary Care & the Registrars sending back to GPs what you tell them? .

    Just had pulmonary hypertension confirmed by an expert managed to see via my cardiologist I see once a year [ exchange appt - ignoring chronic oedema regularly acute ] after most tests they tell me in PC showing no problem yet symptons still being ignored to point of heart attack 12 years ago. Only persisting by trying to go in for Research at the Brompton Hospital London - Cardio/thoracic has assisted this .Finding dysponea .

    My latest GP surgery is still refusing to addrees breathing/function /disability issue Dukes Analysis ] where will be called a bed blocker as I age due to problems accessing sedation and telecare and escorts. as single/solo .INoone not even they and the charities want the risk due to Insurance direction here and abroad.

    Would be housebound without my WAV and mobility scooters.This is particularly so regarding transferring appts when moved home .I have found in all cases the non medical are being used to Test and ignore and refuse assistance on remits, even though not been given fair diagnosis and plan in first place .If you raise issues of concerneg : disabled parking access they [ hospitals] remove your appts backed by GP Surgeries blaming despite the NHS Constitution. Help?! .

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