Lung cancer

I never really started to smoke a lot until I was about 35 but I use to help my farther in law with his dance band. There were six members in the band including my wife who was a singer and none of them smoked, they were always telling me off for smoking, but thinking back all except my wife have died of lung cancer caused through passive smoking. They always performed in night clubs and dance halls and I can remember standing on the stage and looking across the dance floor at the fog bank of smoke.

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Yes Mick63 a terrible legacy of general ignorance. At least those who smoke or expose themselves to others' smoke now know the danger. I hope all goes well with you.

I don't think be all down to smoking STAGES used lot of asbestos insulation board THATs why all these celebrities been running round wetting them self

No dout smoking did contribute but for medical profession to blame that is bit poor of excuse.

Enviroment work poor health care would of all contributed

The great entertainer Roy Castle passed from passive smoking. It was put down to all those gigs he did in smoky clubs playing his trumpet. A lung cancer foundation was even set up in his name

Yes he did but think of all the ones who had the same experiences and didn't! They reckon many genes are responsible for lung health. If you have all of the healthy ones you will be the one who reached 100 and smoked for 85 years with no problems.

If you have few good lung genes then you will suffer lung problems regardless of the bad habits of yourself or others. x

That's very true coughalot2 . I wasn't suggesting passive smoking kills everyone. I know it doesn't. And I can confirm what you say about healthy lungs.

My nan was a chain smoker of epic proportions. Must have got through, 30, 40, 50 roll ups a day, every day. If not more. For Gods knows how many years. 60+ easily. She was 82 when lung cancer took her back in 2008.

My sister-in-law was a much lighter smoker, yet she passed away from lung cancer that had metastisised into her brain just last November. She was only 47.

Life's a b***h.

I know you weren't Symes. I am very sorry about your SIL. 47 is very young to pass these days. Bev x

Thank you Bev. x

The trouble is the government get to much money from tobacco tax. Sorry that was political.

I read somewhere that the taxes brought in by smokers could fund the entire NHS 3 times over... x

It's far too late to help the members of the band any more Mick. That is how it was, I remember well. We live in a different and enlightened age now but still young people smoke. It's very sad.

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