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What is

a good life?

Is it raising a family, having lots of money, being happy?

To my mind it could be all of these but the main one is to be healthy.

I think in this respect I have been very lucky until now. I have had the odd cold and sore hole as the saying goes but by and large I have been quite healthy.

I have never been hospitalised so my heart goes out to people especially if they are young who suffer from ill health.

I play the lottery every week.... futile I know, yet it is as if having a great deal of money will make us happy. We certainly think it will or we wouldn't do it.

Eyes down look in..... ha ha



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Think your right Gus, health is important, but poor health does not mean we can't enjoy life. We just do it in a different way and have to be prepared for set backs occassionally. Playing the lottery is a dream, everyone needs dreams and what ifs to keep them going. I do the postal lottery , maybe I might win but if not the proceeds go to a good cause. I even know an old freind from the past who won a large sum recently. Life is short do what is best for you and makes you happy is my motto,. I spend my time as a volunteer for two groups I am on both committees, both groups objectives is to get better conditions for older persons.


Sure, health is wealth, happiness is gold and all that. But, being wealthy is better than the alternative, no? Here in the states the lottery is called the redneck retirement fund.


I am not entirely sure how the health system works in the US but is it not all private. In other words the wealthy you are the better health service you will receive.

But of course you are right. Better to have money than to have none.

But wealth does not bring with it guaranteed happiness. It can help though that's for sure.



I think good health but above all contentment. I have met a number of "well heeled" people and are as miserable as sin. Never content always want, want and want more.



You are right.

I bet all the rich people in poor health would swap their wealth for health.



I think most people would be happy with a few bob in the bank and the ability to get through the month without worrying.That alone would be taking so much stress and illness away immediately.Problem being is greed.(Want Want Want).I reckon it would take a massive adjustment in world psyche to achieve something like that.So I'll not hold my if I could.I posted a little tale of my grand-daughter and I and my wife on her belated birthday (What a day!!) That alone made me feel incomparably good.I'm rambling...what brought it to mind was that she arrived on my doorstep this morning,gave me a hug and left with her parents...called my son asking what was that for...He said he didn't know...she insisted that I needed one ☺...I didn't know I did but I did...silly grin on my face all day.

There are things that overcome problems no matter what they are...I know one that works for me and I hope everybody on this site has one too.

Anyhoo I hope you all have a absolutely wonderful bank holiday.😊

I am....

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