I have a

lung disease. I should imagine that the majority of members on the site also have a lung disease.

Bottom line..... no cure. We can with various medication alleviate it but we are not going to cure it. With luck the future will bring a cure and we can all pray for that. but right now there is not one.

Okay we are in this community so what are we going to do. Well I would hope that we help each other with tips and advice about our problems.

But here is where I am coming to the point of this post. We should not dwell too much about our medical problems. Now don't get me wrong, of course we should ask or give advice about our medical problems. But not exclusively. I have been warned when I came on here not to talk about politics and or religion. so be it.

But if we can take our minds off our problems even for a little while it can't be bad.

Even get annoyed, sad or angry and it is to be hoped uplifted.

Waddya say.


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That's exactly what we do already gus. We chat, we laugh, post photos and generally enjoy being on this amazing forum. The health issues do crop up of course because many are scared, unsure and need help so that's fine as this is a lung site after all.

I am replying to this from Southampton hospital where hubby Pete (sarcoidosis and COPD) is having back surgery which we hope will work.

Cure or not for now we still have hope and just live one day at a time. Good to laugh as that is often the best medicine. Xxx 😀😀

I shipped out of Southampton a couple of times.

I don't know what that sarcy thingy is. It doesn't sound to good.

All the best to him and you for looking after him.


Thanks gus. Xxxx

Hope the surgery works for Pete, Sassy. Best wishes to him. xxx

Bless you Tee, not been home long but all good. Xxxx

Best wishes to you both Sassy. x

Hi Sassy

Best wishes to you and Pete, keeping my fingers crossed his surgery is successful.


Thanks velvet, been a long day and glad to be home. Pete has said that if it doesn't work he wants no more surgery. Don't blame him. Xxxx

Hi Sassy

It's so worrying when they are in hospital, and very tiring for you.

Time to kick off your shoes, get a nice cuppa, and relax.

Just remember to look after yourself.


Velvet 😘😘😘to you. Xx

Had Hubby in Hosp recently with pneumonia and sepsis, luckily he pulled through. Would just like to say best wishes to your Pete but please take care of yourself too, it's a horrible worrying time when they are unwell or undergoing a procedure. All the best x

Thank you Margaret. Xxx

Sassy, all the very best to you and for Pete' surgery. One day at a time is a good place to be, and we are with you both with our good wishes.


Thank you for your kind words Jennifer.xxx

Hope all goes well for Pete, and don't forget to look after yourself Sassy. Xx

Thank you Sheila, l will take care if myself too and our family are nearby which is nice. Xxxx

Oh Sassy, hoping and praying for a good result.

So far so good BJ. The stimulator seems to be working at the moment. Xxxx

Best wishes to Pete. I do hope the surgery is successful.

Thank you Christine. Pete is doing well. Xxx

I agree with Sassy. There are times when people need to dwell on their problems and other times when they want to chat about other things. The good thing about this site is that both of these are OK and we support one another through good and not so good times.

Well said.

Hello Gus, How are you doing today?

I appreciate where you are coming from and here are some of my thoughts.

I too agree that a mix of conversation is good for us. As patients and care givers we want to share with others about our good or difficult times related to health or otherwise. It is also good to hear from one another as well as this can give us a sense of balance or guidance in those times.

I found this site in my quest to connect with people about COPD. To hear from and to share with others about their successes or heartbreaks can be beneficial to us either now or in the future. We need to be able to openly talk about the little and big stuff in our lives.

I read on another site that some didn’t want to hear about another person’s dinner, latest movie, or their pet. But only health content related to the site. Now this is all well and fine if that’s what one wants and it is a good and educating site. I still visit it randomly. But when I found Health Unlocked, I saw many strong friendships. What do friends do? They share what’s going on in life with one another.

So for me this is a good place to be. Other sites are good and even great with information. I feel that on this site there is so much more to be gained. This is my perspective on the topic. No offense meant to anyone’s preference of websites or subject matter. Just rambling from the heart! :)


Nicely put Pete xxx

Thank you Sassy.

I pray that Pete’s surgery is successful and he is comfortable.

He's doing ok thanks Pete. Xxx

Keep on trucking.


I know at the moment there is no cure but a lot of work is going throughout the world on our problem.French researchers may have found a way to stop COPD in its tracks for one.They have so many cases in France they are focusing on that particularly.I never noticed the religious or political bar but it doesn't affect me much as I find both very similar.I think this site is already open to what your suggesting,I find it always informative,funny,sad and sometimes totally uplifting.It's good to talk.😆

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