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Went to see asthma nurse and had breathing test to be told that I need to be seen by hospital specialist as not a lot she can actually do for Copd but have to go back tomorrow as need a doc to do referral why has it taken till now for someone to actually do something

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Would love to help but don't really understand the question. Taken so long to do anything about what? Have you been diagnosed with COPD? If so what is your FEV%/stage?

I think you need to give a lot more information before people can help you as i am not sure if you have an existing condition, newly diagnosed or what?

Hoping we can help you in the future.

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No had Copd for a few years been telling docs for months that breathing been bad but nobody seem to take much notice hopefully now I will get some help with this

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Hi my name is jim. I have had copd for about 10 years .last year was in hospi. 19 times this year and 5 time so far and they still donot no what it is ....


I think it's pretty much the same for everyone regarding diagnosis. I'd been having stubborn chest infections for years before anyone thought to test me for copd in February. In a sense your nurse is right, it will be down to you to manage your condition with exercise and healthy eating (says the person who had a mcdonalds for lunch) but you also have your inhalers I assume and hopefully you'll get a rescue pack of anti biotics and steroids for when you come down with an infection and the doctors are closed. I've never been to the hospital for it but I have a great nurse with a lot of experience of copd and a lot of patients too! Oh and ask them about referral to pulmonary rehab if you are diagnosed, I haven't had it but people recommend it highly.

Good luck with your appointment, but if you have any questions, ask away. The people on here are so supportive and helpful and live with the condition so between them they know a lot.

Welcome to the site, make yourself at home xx


Hi I had asthma for 25 years before I got diagnosed with copd as well. I get bunged off to see the respiratory nurse for both. I am surprised they don't do that at your surgery. Mine told me they don't refer to a consultant unless they can no longer handle my care themselves. I am glad you are being referred. x

Hi Jean

Great News that you are getting a referral to see a consultant.

Many of us on here have been doing battle with our GPs for years, and still can't get one.

I hope you finally get treated and advised by an expert, and wish you well


I've had asthma nearly all my life (I'm 40 now) and have spent more time in hospital with 'asthma attacks' than I care to count.

4 years ago back in August 2012 I was admitted with what they described only as an exarcebation of the asthma. I was off work for 8 weeks. I went back in late September. By November I was off work again for another 8 weeks, with another 'exarcebation'. I went back in January 2013, and by the following April, I was off again with another 'exarcebation'. I've never returned to work since.

Since that April in 2013, I have battled, fought, scrapped with various GP's, consultants, asthma nurses, to prove it was more than just recurring exarcebations. I've had numerous lung function tests, spirometarys, ecg's, the works.

I was diagnosed in November 2013 with COPD, and in June 2014 with Bronchiectasis.

It can be a long hard slog, but keep fighting.

I think a lot of GP surgeries now base things on "if it is not broke why fix it" method of medicine.

I have had lung issues all my life and diagnosed with a heart condition in 1992 (Another story) However my old doctors treated me well for all my conditions and did not always get it right but were big enough to admit it and look for an answer. I was trusted with emergency AB and steroids as and when I was in infection mode.

We moved in 2002 and it all changed. No emergency packs allowed at this practice, they state that the ones in the pack might not be the right ones for the infection at the time. To be fair there is some logic there. However whenever I do get an infection they are using the same AB so still do not see why I cannot use them in my pack?

It took until 2012 for me to get a spirometry test done as they blamed 90% of my problems on my heart conditions. Even though I had complete lung failure in 2008. It has only been since an A&E Consultant sent a stroppy letter to the practice that they do acknowledge I have lung conditions as well.

Sorry for the novella

Be well

I would have been absolutely astonished with the feedback some of you have had from your GPs, until I had a discussion with a friend and neighbour who has just been told she has copd and not asthma. It seems that the surgery knew but did not tell her.


JP xx

Hi Jean, I went through exactly the same procedure as you have, its the way the NHS works, your doctor and consultant can prescribe drugs for you.

You don't say if you are already on medication for asthma/COPD.

As far as I understand COPD is a degenerative disease, but can be managed with the correct medication, exercise, diet and vitamins, NO SMOKING,. avoiding people with flu etc, getting your flu and pneumonia injections every year.

You MUST start to put yourself first!

Any questions you need the answer to, this is the place to ask, especially if you don't understand your doctor/consultant. The people on here are marvellous and have the experience to advise you.

I am in the early stages of this disease and have received really great advice from the wonderful people on here.

Its 3 months since I was diagnosed and I am still looking for an inhaler which agrees with me.

Don't be afraid to ask your asthma nurse/doctor/consultant to explain things again if you don't understand what's going on.

Please keep in touch.

Take care.


There is something that can be done, admittedly not a lot but at least to get some relief. I have rare but very bad attacks usually brought on by a cold and when at their peak I sometimes wish for a gun to shoot myself as breathing and coughing get very bad .I have gone down the road of tests on a treadmill etc and I see our surgery copd nurse annually but unfortunately it is more a D I Y medical system these days. I went on the net and looked at all sorts of possibilities including machines to aid breathing, well try a few cheaper ones if you will but don't waste your money on the expensive ones because these will not help copd very much in spite of their rather guarded promises..

I have got our surgery to refer me to the local fitness center for an assessment to go onto a 6 weeks C O P D course which explains things and helps you breath, also the surgery now has agreed to let me have a prescription of antibiotics and steroids to keep at home so if an attack comes on I can start to deal with it without the delay of seeing a doctor to get a prescription.

Also there are newer inhalers available so I would go back and have another word with your doctor first, but if he or she has already made a referral for you to see a specialist do go, if it has only been a suggestion at this stage I doubt that they will take it forward without a prompt from you. I would request they get one for you, I have found you have to push a little these days to get attention. I also find that having been given any treatment for any ailment if you give up and don't go back afterwards and you are no better the surgery assume you are cured because they have not heard differently and take no further action.

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