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After 3 more panic attacks I made an appointment at the doctors. My name was called and I burst through the door in floods of tears...."what's happened ?" she said....I'm having panic attacks and I can't live like this. She offered me diazapam but I said no thanks could I have pregablin (my brother swears by them) so I'm on 75mg twice a day. I took one last night and although I woke up a little wobbly I felt so calm, could get that deep breath from the pit of my stomach with no problem. So fingers crossed they continue to work ☺☺

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Is the pits the way just come out of the blue.

i was on dizapam even went back for more but doc refused.

Defo panic attacks disrupt you life fill you not with confidence.


Hi alvorite :) I've just come across your Post this morning and I was so sad to read that you're suffering from these awful Panic Attacks.

If you don't mind sharing the information on here, may I ask what your symptoms are? Otherwise, please PM me instead.

I suffered from panic attacks for 8 years before someone explained what was happening to me. I can truly relate to how you're feeling; it's a horrid place to be in :( The 1st time I experienced one, I honestly thought I was having a heart attack!

Initially, my G.P. put me on to Seroxat (but that's 'off the market' now) so, I was changed over to Sertraline. However, I think what also helped me was that I had some counselling too, as I was very stressed at the time but just didn't realise it . . . ?

When do you find your attacks occur or are they very random? Mine used to happen at night mainly so, I felt I'd had no sleep at all the following morning.

Once or twice I had panic attacks whilst driving the car and I had to stop or turn back for home - it was too dangerous, I felt, to continue driving.

I'm pleased you've found this site to talk about your situation; I wish it had been around for me at the time. I hope the Diazepam helps you and you get relief. Take care.

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Hiya...jst to clarify the doc offered me diazapam but I didn't want to get addicted so I asked for and got prescribed pregablin.

My attacks happen mostly when I've walked upstairs too quickly and I'm a bit out of breath.....then bang !!! I feel the anxiety in my stomach then I start hyperventilating. ...and it's that that frightens me the most. Someone is ringing me tomorrow from IAPT (??) to see if I'm "bad enough" to have treatment. ..whatever the treatment is ??? I'll let you know what happens.


I have been having panic attacks and hyperventilating because I couldn't breathe which is then a vicious circle. I am now on diazepam. So frightening not being able to breathe.


Sorry what is IAPT?


Good Luck with your phone call tomorrow and my apologise for typing in diazepam when, of course, I can clearly see you'd written pregablin - it's been a hot and busy ol' day :)


no problem lol....I don't know what I'm going to say when IAPT ring me tomorrow. I just say I've got pills and I don't need their help OR not mention the pills and see what they offer me ???? I'll let you know 😉😉


Hi alvorite, I went through the longest 3 months of my life with horrendous panic attacks, they were started as soon as I woke up and lasted right into the afternoon, none stop. I couldn't eat anything and lost 2 stone.

My docter had to try 3 different types of anti depressants, before one finally worked, so, I know exactly what you are going through.

I agree with Covenham, the councelling I was having at the same time, along with a wellness/relaxation group helped me immensely. This was about 3 years ago.

I have also just had 12 weeks of IAPT, for my chronic deppression, and can highly recommend it.

Someone will ring you up and talk to you about what you are going through to decide which type of coucellor, you need.

I was told I could wait for up to 6_weeks but was at my first session just a week later.

The best thing my Docter told me was "This WILL get better." I doubted him at the time, but believe me, it does, although I know it's not much consolation for you right now, but, I hope it helps you to realise you can and will get back to normal.

Take any help you can get, because I can honestly say, those panic attacks were the worst thing I have ever had to deal with in my entire life, and I've been through some carp. xx


Did you smoke? I don´t get what you meant by "This WILL get better." I also have panic attacks, depression, anxiety, flare up, so on and so forth


Hello. I've read about panic attacks before but I've never actually experienced one. So I can only imagine how terrifying it must be. I am so sorry you're going through a tough time like this. I can't be of much practical help but I want you to know we are all here for you anytime.

Sending you love and light.

Cas xx 🍀


Thank you Caspiana....I'd never had them before now and bloody hell are they scary 😢😢 I hope you NEVER do experience one. Thanks again ❤


How did it go with the phone call from IAPT? Hope it was encouraging :)

Have you ever heard of something called The Lightning Process? Oddly enough, someone I was talking with today mentioned about it and so, I checked it out on You Tube. Whilst it's often used to help M.E./C.F.S patients, it's also had success with Panic Attack sufferers. I thought you might be interested to have a look at it online.


casper99 and Covenham and many more whose names I can't remember 😩😩 sorry. I had the phone call from IAPT which lasted 45 mins and she said yes you definitely need some help but she wanted to speak to her superior to decide exactly which avenue to send me down ??? so jst waiting for another call. Can't remember if I said I had started on pregablin. ..anyway they did the job and I felt great BUT yesterday I thought well maybe my brain has forgotten how to panic and so I missed my night time pill.....and woke up having a massive attack !!! So I'll be eating them like bloody smarties from now on (joke). So that's me atm....although any help anyone sends me I'm still trying (exercises on YouTube etc) believe me I do not want to be like this forever. Sleep well everyone xx


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