About 6 or 7

months ago a little nodule appeared on my chest it has got bigger.

Of course i am thinking of the big C and went to my surgery and they made an appointment to the Dermatology dept in hospital.

Yesterday I was there and it turns out... yes it is a kind of cancer... but the non malignant kind. They are going to cut it out. So off I trot to the hospital appointments to get a date for the surgery. Guess when the first appointment is.........November.

Seems a long wait.


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  • good luck for November

  • mucho thankee.


  • Hello Gus. I am so pleased that it turned out to be non malignant. Thank goodness for that. Three months away for your next appointment? That's a pretty long wait. Have a good day. xx 🚢

  • You're pleased. You don't know how pleased I was. I was ready to do it in my pants if you know what I mean...ha ha.

    Great doctor. A foreigner. By the sound of his name Romanian or Bulgarian. I had a book in my hand and he asked me what I was reading. I showed him and he said 'that looks interesting I'll get that'

    Of course it may have been part of his patter to calm anyone hysterical down... ha ha


  • gustavski so glad it's good news but he'll of a long wait Neva mind at least you know your ok best wishes x

  • Best Wishes for November, it will soon come round.

  • Ich danke dir. oh sorry that was the land of the big sausage.

    Thank you.


  • One of my friends has a black mole with uneven edges on the sole of her foot. She was booked in to have it removed on 6th September. They don't make you hang around if you have something to worry about.

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