Lets talk about

movies or should I say films as I am in England. In Germany they say kino.

I am not very fond of films that end with a petro chemical explosion. Although some are good. I am thinking here of James Bond films.

I admire all film genre but they have to have a little, whats the word? meaning.

But hey maybe you are not a film fan. Lets talk about something else.


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Lets DONT talk about anything else. I used to love visiting the cinema. My first film must have been Snow White. I was an keen cinema goer before \I left home. I see a B/W film and can tell you all the names of the leading actors. Many wonderful films over the years. I have my favourites which I can watch over and over. WW2 films relied on good acting rather "big" scenes. It was

I recall cinemas full of cig. smoke. Every seat was taken. The back row was occupied by couples having a snog!! Some films were real "weepies" - someone had to be killed. And James Mason & co. The musicals - Frank Sinatra. Think I will now let someone else unload. X

That's strange, the first film I saw was Snow White and I had nightmares about the Stepmother.

Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all.

Yikes it gives me the creeps even now.


Love films, though not westerns, ww2 films. Enjoy new Bonds mainly because of Daniel Craig. I love old films, and there's a new channel called Talkingpictures TV, it's on channel 81 on free view. Show lots of old black and white B movies, mainly British, some are awful but there are some gems, and love seeing the old views of London. I also belong to Lovefilm and have a huge list of films and TV series.

one of my very favourites is Footsteps in the fog, it's an Edwardian melodrama starring Stewart Grainger and Jean Simmonds. Check it out, it's on tv regularly.


Footsteps in the Fog... great film.

Casablanca of course. High Noon, Cruel Sea I am not to sure if the film was called that. The book was. Whisky Galore the list is endless.

What is Love film is it free?


Love film isn't free sadly, I pay £5.99, and I get one film at a time but unlimited, so as soon as I return one, they send another, and turn round is about 3 days, very efficient. it's part of Amazon. You can do it by streaming.

As I have banged on about on a few occasions, i am not terribly technical minded.

Now I am reading about a product called Chromecast which allows you to stream movies from your PC, laptop whatever on to your TV screen.

There are some channels that offer you free movies.

Legal?? I have no idea.




chromecast? don't have a clue lol

Oh, I thought you maybe didn't like the not legal bit.


The first Star Wars movie. We saw it in London after the opening as it had good reviews. The opening scene was tremendous with the little ship transporting The heroes and being pursued by one of the Empires star ships which thundered and gradually filled the entire screen.

Never saw the like before. Great good versus evil film.

Other end of the scale and films which I like are

12 Angry men with Henry Fonda and the Shawshank Redemption with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman.

As you can see my film preferences are very varied. Don't particularly like really weepy films. Mascara runs and feel stupid. Happened with the Green Mile. Luckily friend brought box of tissues.


Star Wars. love it or hate it. I don't think there is any other choice.

Don't have the problem with the mascara but I do tend to choke up.


I have never seen a Star Wars film, which is odd as I am quite a sci fi fan. Trouble is don't know what order to watch them in now lol

Lets talk about TV shows.

I can't stand modern comedy shows. I really do not find them funny.

I laughed like a drain watching the likes of Fawlty Towers, Blackadder and going back a bit Till Death Do Us Part. Steptoe and Son et al.

Is it an age thingy.


You are correct, current comey is dire.

I used to love the Goodys, Monty Python, the rise and fall of Reggie Perin, that kind of thing.

Being a teenager then, the silly daftness appealed a great deal.

Yes I am sure you are correct. But is it because of your age. I have watched , well tried to watch modern comedy and it moves me not one jot. But here's the thing the audience mostly young below 40 I would say are laughing their socks off. Here's me thinking what the **** are they laughing about.

So I think it must be an age gap thing.


Lets talk about TV adverts.

I tend to watch BBC to avoid the adverts but obviously sometimes I watch the commercial channels and when adverts come on I speed through them with the correct button on the remote.

The downside is that the programme as to be recorded first to do so.


I tend to not watch telly at all any more. The only Olympics I saw was about 10 mins of trampoline waiting for my tea! Just not interested.

I like Netflix and U Toob for viewing on my 11.6 inch tablet.

What's that about 18cm I think.

Good heavens above. I would go cross eyed looking at that.

But you are spot on about the Olympics.

Still one man's meat is another man's poison as the saying goes.


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