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Bit Of A Mixed Bag

Bit Of A Mixed Bag

Well had quite eventful couple of weeks SEEN lung doctor then seen gp.

Well I seen my lung doctor Regular review WELL I took sample that caused infectionlike symptoms that was very hard to cough up AND shown him pictures of material as seen under microscope of what I believe to be asbestos THAT as been giving me he'll.

Anyway lung doctor totally refused to have it tested SAID NHS as no means of testing out like that AND said we only make diagnosis of asbestosis threw ct scan.

Like you can see asbestos fibres with scanner and how's that work if you have other lung condition AS i assume lots of asbestos suffers start of with WHEN mis-diagnosed.

Then they said this no proof it's yours SO I said if you get it tested you will see LONG n Short is they refused ... Like we don't know the difference from when stuff is hard to cough up from lung.

That is to be continued BUT am seeing him again about being refferd to immunity doctors TO salvage whats left of my lungs and make sure that cvid is not complicating my lung disease issues.

Bottom pictures are what I seen my gp about .. I call them my sarcoidosis spots FROM what I believe to be my immunity issues.

Anyway the bottom pic of hand THERE is what looks like a new mole appeared on my finger near nuckle.

ON my other hand I have one on flat part of hand THAT go's brown then white AS well as those sarcoidosis spots on my head NOW my gp assured me they are just sun spots, liver spots, age spots.

BUT GIVEN my lung disease AGE I have trouble believing him AS he is not a dermatologist I should of been refereed to in my opinion AND spots like that ARE them cells Granuloma something pretty much with whats happing in my lungs with calcium and daft buld up of white cells I think.

My gp might not think it's of any clinical significants BUT I do as it's illustration of immunity issues and brake down of DNA.

When I spoke to my gp I told him I would like to see immunity doctor given lung trouble elevated monocytes infection's and all these scabs sarcoidosis spots poping up.

ALSO I told him about this CVID to which he said all my bloods come back good SO I queried which BLOODs full count or basic antibodies or serums I said.

My gp said he was intrigued and asked if CVID was real or some internet thingy AND told me immunity doctor would not be interested in lung diseased.

BUT he said I would be better of talking to my lung doctor as he would not like to do out unless come from him first.

So as you can see it's still all going on BUT most importantly this still no acknowledgement re asbestos matrial I am coughing up and no cure on horizon AND that's how why I can say DOCTORs make idiopathic so possible in lung disease.

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As you say JAS it's all going on. Pete has sarcoidosis, diagnosed by lung biopsy, and he has all sorts of skin problems including lichen simplex eczema and vitiligo.

I do wish you well with your fight. Take care. Xxxxx


Hi sassy given how I feel can guess what a ruff time Pete as had with it all.

Hope Pete and your self are doing well as can be expected :)

All just keep chipping away at my lung doctor TIL the tell me whats going on OR till am referd

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Good luck JAS. We are ok thanks xxxxx

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