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Alendronic tablets

I was prescribed Alendronic acid 70mg tablets, to be taken once a week, as bone protection because of the number of steroids I have had to take over the past years. Thankfully I seem to be stable at the moment and have not had any chest infections for the past 18 months so haven't needed to use my rescue pack. Any one else been prescribed this tablet?

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Yes, I have been taking it for a few years due to my chronic osteoporosis and wedge fractures, etc. Nothing to do with my lungs.


Hi Carlo, yes, I also have osteoporosis thanks to prednisolone and was prescribed alendronic acid but we did not get along together so I stopped it. I can't say I noticed any difference in number of chest infections but then again I don't get many of them anyway.


I take Alendronic acid once a week and Adcal the other six days. All because of the Prednisolone I take currently 25mg a day. No side effects from the Alendronic acid at this time. Been on it since November 2014.


I'm on 10mg preds daily and have been taking Alendronic acid once weekly and two ADcal 2 day 7 days a week, Have no side effects from those tablets but the preds give me chronic cramping

I've tried most of the usual suspects including tonic water -----without the gin------ but so far no luck.



I have a lung disease and take 30 mg prendisolene and 100 gram

Of cyclophosamide for the lung and take alendronic acid once weekly

And deal on the other days

I have side effects but not from alendronic acid


Yes. Even had to see a specialist before dental treatment because of the drug effects. It's potent stuff! I was prescribed it because the cancer drugs prevented the uptake of oestrogen which is necessary for the absorption of calcium. Quite a few people I know are on it because loss of bone density was detected, a couple of friends due to rheumatoid arthritis. I'll stop now, starting to ramble! All the best.


I have taking it for a number of years, with a break of a year along the way. This was because of a report that one of the side effects is spontaneous fracturing of bones - a friend of a friend broke a bone in her leg while sitting down. My rheumatologist agreed that there was a chance of this happening so I stopped taking it for a while. I am taking it for long term use of steroids for RA and a lung condition. I also take adcal every day. I don't have side effects from either drug.


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