It seems to me

that we are all or practically all in the same boat here. We all have something with our lungs that it would be better if we didn't have. Am I right or am I right?

We get treated for free so i guess we should be grateful for that. Some of you go to

Pulmonary Rehabilitation, not for me btw I go to the gym and I have a part time job so I think I get enough exercise but it seems to me that breathing for us is a big problem.

Why are there no breathing classes on the NHS or if there is I don't know about them.

I don't know if I am explaining myself correctly here but you can be taught to breath correctly just as you can be taught to eat with your mouth closed. I am being facetious here but you get my drift.


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  • There are. Pulmonary Rehab does good breathing techniques. And your consulant or GP can refer you to a respiratory physiotherapist. There plenty of videos online as well.

    K x

  • I like the sound of that respiratory physiotherapist.

    Respiratory Physiotherapy here I come.


  • Hi gus I have a book written by a physiotherapist...Dynamic Breathing. How to manage your asthma by Dinah Bradley and Tania Clifton Smith.

    I have asthma / COPD

  • Asthma, jeez that's a bummer. As far as I know I just have COPD but to tell you the truth It does not bother me so much. Yes it is irritating when I climb stairs 'frinstance but by and large i am still doing everything I have always done i.e as little as possible... ha ha

    Anyway as the Germans say Guter Besserung. Get well.


  • Yes and I agree perhaps breathing classes would help

  • Hi gus, one problem I used to have was that I used to 'reverse breathe' stomach went in on the in breath instead of out, so I was tight upper chest breathing.....a GP mentioned when listening to my chest that little air was getting to the bottom of my lungs.

    I was a mouth breather too, and when I was in school many many years ago we were told to stand up straight , stomachs in , and take deep breaths....very difficult to do and again ended up with tight upper chest breathing.

    I also found I would unconsciously copy other people's breathing patterns when I was talking to them.

    Now the emphasis seems to be on gentle belly breathing with a relaxed diaphragm, so air reaches the bottom of the lungs.....and through the nose.

  • Hi

    Breathing is a natural occurrence. What we have to do is re-educate our selves in the correct breathing techniques and learn a couple more.

    We are born to use diaphragm breathing ( that's why we have one) .For what ever reason laziness, manliness ( stomachs in chest out) posture emphasising our assets. We have developed chest breathing which restricts and lessens our breathing abilities.

    Diaphragm breathing fills how lungs fully on the inhalation, and empties how Lungs on the exhalation.

    Because of how various conditions this is not always achieved, using the pursed lip breathing techniques sets a controlled pattern. Nose breath in 4sec hold 2sec (optional) breath out 6 sec. This reduces the intake allows the gas exchange and increases the outtake.

    Blow and go. This method reduces the loss in inhalation due to exertion. Used for climbing stairs, start at bottom breath in on the exhaling climb one or two steps then stop, breath in climb one or two steps then stop, keep repeating till you reach top.

    This method can be used for bathing, dressing and any task in the home.

    The basic of the above are taught at NHS run pulmonary rehablitation classes. There are also taught by your respitory team. Your pharmacy will also show you pursed lip breathing.

    And final there a number of US based video on YouTube.

  • Thanks stone....I wish everyone had access to pulmonary rehab to learn these things. ....I was just given two inhalers at first, only one GP noticed my bad breathing habit, but no advice was given to try and stop it.

    Anxiety and even tight waisted clothing can inhibit belly breathing.

  • I get your point. There are different ways to help us, may be more information should be given to us at the onset of our lung problems. :) xx

  • Right on. You can put a ring round that as they used to say in Oz


  • Well this is a lung forum gus! x

  • Is it!! Good Lord I thought it was a dating forum. No seriously, maybe when you were diagnosed with your lung condition you received loads of info about this and about that. I was told at the hospital to go back to my GP. the hospital told me nix. The GP said I had COPD I said whats that and is it catching. She just said no you smart arse well no she didn't say that she just told me I would get a letter from a PR unit and would I send the next patient in.

    Not much info there I'm afraid.


  • To be quite candid I have had more info here than from anywhere else.


  • You must be joking gus! I was told nothing at my doctors at all. I had asthma for many years and on one of my twice yearly check ups was told I was heading for copd. I had heard about it coz a friend had been diagnosed a year or so earlier.

    So I had the spirometer test (done by a nurse) which confirmed that I was mild. I already knew how to use inhalers, but the nurse checked my technique and that was it. Oh and to give up smoking. Now I have once yearly reviews coz of a shortage of trained nurses.

    Nearly everything I know I learned on here. My story seems to be the norm as doctors don't take it seriously unless you are severe. And even then...I have never seen a consultant despite asking on the premise that 'it's only if the surgery can no longer handle my care'. x

  • Most of my information came from the BLF leaflets I found in the hospital

  • The BLF has a list of singing groups for lungies on its website. I run one, Breathe Better Sing Together in south Cheshire, which I hold weekly and costs 50p a session including a cuppa. A great sociable way to learn to breathe in more controlled ways. Visit to find one near to you.

  • I'm on to it. I have to ring and find out if I can just pop in to find out what condition my condition is in. That's a song btw.

    Thanks for this Ergendl I shall sing like a canary.

    Btw your name seems vaguely northern europe.


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