I suppose

after writing about what annoys me I should reciprocate by telling y'all what I like.

Well reading is my main like, followed by watching TV.

Did I hear you say too sedentary. Well it is but I still like it.

What is the name of the Aussie comedian who tells you that now he is old he attributes his good health and general well being to a total lack of exercise in any shape or form?


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  • Friends, music and dancing (well, my version of)

  • I won't ask you about your friends, none of my business.

    But what music and dancing are we talking about here.

    Tango? Morris dancing, the Lambeth Walk, Black Bottom, Waltzing to Strauss listening to the Gotterdaemerung in the Rings by Wagner or Viva Las Vegas by Elvis, or none of these.


  • Favourite bands are Madness and Blur so maybe not a Samba lol! and I love reading too :)

  • Would you believe me if i told you I have not the foggiest idea who Madness and Blur are and even less that which they sing or play.

    I think I stopped listening to popular music about the same time i went to live in Germany.


  • Btw I watched a film on TV the other night called The Big Lebowski. The music tracks on that film I liked.

    You can hear them on YouTube.


  • Reading is up there at number 1 for me too :). I love that whatever is going on, it's possible to escape into another world and so, suspend for a time all that is going on in this one :)

  • Yes it's great as you say escaping.

    Let me elaborate on that which I read. Travel literature, Norman Lewis, Bill Bryson, Paul Theroux, Jan Morris (used to be a man but had a sex change ) Bruce Chatwin, Eric Newby et al.

    But i have a dark side. I like reading about True Crime especially murderers. The Moors Murderers, The Yorkshire Ripper, Rose and Fred West, Harold Shipman.

    I don't know if you are old enough to remember the last women to be hanged in Britain, Ruth Ellis or the 10 Rillington Place murderer John Christie. His lodger Timothy Evans was hanged in a miscarriage of justice.

    Awful case. They made a film about it.


  • You are giving your age away now gus as Ruth Ellis was hanged in 1955. x

  • Here you go.

    I was 14 years of age when our teacher walked into the classroom and said the King is dead.

    Now do your maths.


  • You are 77/78 unless you mean George 5th :) x

  • If you mean Elvis? In that case you are 53... x

  • Queen Victoria 1837-1901, Edward 7th 1901-1910, George 5th 1910-1936, Edward 8th 1936 (never crowned), George 6th 1936-1952, Queen Liz 1952 (crowned 1953) until present. That's all from memory. x

  • Elvis born 1935 died 1977 :) x

  • Victoria


  • My youngest grandson (13) had us all laughing when he asked me if I'd ever been to a public hanging. I know I'm old but.........πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • My dog. Watching her. Talking to her. Walking her.(she's getting on a bit too). Sharing looks with her when things happen - hilarious. I'm privileged to have her and I will be gutted when she goes. Xpiggix

  • Yes I know where you are coming from. Pets can be like family members.

    Even better, sometimes they don't answer back.

    The problem is as you noted is that we tend to outlive our house pets and as I mentioned it is like losing a family member.

    How to solve this problem .

    Buy a Galapagos tortoise or an Elephant they both have long lives.

    Only kidding. I wish both you and your dog many happy years together.


  • Ha ha ha I will probably be well suited with a tortoise in a few years! X

  • I like being outdoors with my husband & dog. Reading; all sorts, thrillers, historical novels, I am reading Andrew Marr's works at the moment. When I say read, well they are audio books, no weight to lift up or carry. Music, very wide tastes classical to Rock. dancing (well jigging about for 1/2 a minute) Take Care Margaret

  • Is that the same Andrew Marr who is a political pundit and was caught with his trousers down with someones wife.

    Still does he mention it in his book.

    I like listen to Enrico Caruso. What a voice.


  • The very same & no he does not mention this. I admire the man's tenacity following his stroke. I have read Marr's: A history of modern britain & the making of modern britain. I have just started children of the master; his political novel but I am not so into this. Recently, I have read all the Henning Maskell, Kurt Wallander books; The Historian, Elizabeth Kostava & some Bill Bryson. I have some Ian Banks lined up ready to be read. Yes, Caruso is the greatest. Do you download from Spotify? Margaret

  • I think i must have left my brain in Germany.

    i haven't a clue what Spotify is.

    Btw Lucianno Pavoroti also had a wonderful voice.

    I am trying to think of the tenor whose name was Robert somethingorother who could hit the high C singing O Solo Mio


  • Socialising, playing darts, reading. Oh and Manchester United x

  • Socialising no, playing darts no, reading yes, Who are Man United is that a Rugby team. only kidding.

    I bet you prop the bar up at your local pub if you like darts.


  • Yep right in one and there is no reason why as a woman I can't do so in this day and age! The only drink problem I have is that I can't afford enough of it. :) x

  • 'this day and age' I like that, but I remember pubs in Britain that had men only sections.

    I was amazed in Vancouver around the same time 50s--60s that women were not allowed in bars unless with a man.

    Here's another one, the bars in New Zealand closed at 18.00 hrs then. But they opened at 06.00.

    I bet a lot of people remember the very strict hours of opening here in England and especially in Scotland and Wales.


  • I certainly do remember that. The old bar laws were inspired by WW1 - they didn't want the workers getting too drunk.

    My local pub in London had the right idea, the local cops would go in there after their evening shifts and would tell them to turn the music up. This would be at 12.30 am. :) x

  • Being a grandma, the Sunshine, eating Magnums while on my recliner, watching TV, fun and laughter, reading books about anything, and eating out.


  • Please say you don't eat at Macdonalds or KFC.

    I bet you like Chinese or Indian. Am I right or am I right.


  • Wrong.....l like English food, and enjoy most things as long as there isn't any garlic in it.

    When l am out with the Grandchildren l will have a McDonald's or KFC and enjoy it.πŸ˜‚

  • Hello Gustavski, I'm sure the Aussie Comedian was Dame Edna Everidge / Barry Humphries ? I could be wrong but I'm sure I chuckled away when he said he'd grown old disgracefully and puts some of it down to a strick no "exercise regime".

  • Yes I think you are right. It came back to me in a blinding flash. He is currently hosting a TV show about Grannies.


  • Number one on my like list is George, my Jack Russell Terrier. Number 2, my laptop, 3 reading. Subject matter varies.

  • Good question Gus, My favorites are animals. Love my kittys. Never a dull moment in my house! Also made friends with a fox, at my job. Plus, have a kitty there to. I love music, reading, eating out, longs drives out in the country. hufferpuffer and PastMeBest introduced me to the telly show; The walking Dead. I'm loving that.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€Rubyxx πŸ˜€

  • What channel is the Walking Dead on. I watched a good film the other day about the WD a film with Simon Pegg but the title escapes me.

    Now where did I put my glasses.


  • I'm across the pond, in the good old usa, Gus. I'm sure you wouldn't have the same channel. Do you have netflix? Where abouts do you live? It's on netflix and amazon prime, if you have them. Maybe hufferpuffer could help you out on that. Rubyxx

  • I don't have those progammes They are available here in Blighty.

    My brother is in the USA he as been there 50 or more years now. He is now a naturalised American.

    I prefered Germany.

    But hey look how many Brits live in Spain and Franc.


  • Hello 😁 over here the series is on Fox channel. The next series is on in October.You can watch it all on catch up or you can buy the series on dvd. I reckon you will really like it..😁 huff x

    Forged in Fire is also a good series and Mountain men.

  • @rubyred777 I'm so glad you're enjoying it, those cliff hangers have you wanting more, it's sheer escapism and don't you think Darryl is a just a little bit cute lol!😁😱😡😍 xxx

  • Loving it, hufferpuffer I'm Loving Darryl too! Problem is, watching it with hubby. He only likes to watch two episodes at a time. Too gory for him! I just imagine my neighbor and get into it. Have you seen , Fear the walking dead? Think it's in its 2nd or third season now. Its about the beginning of the story. Pretty good to. No Darryl though. 😑 I'm going to cheat and watch them ahead of him. I like to binge watch shows. Rubyxx 😊

  • Yes I watched 1 and 2 but they haven't started airing series 3 here yet...great idea thinking of your neighbor hahaha! there are some extremely gory bits throughout can you imagine the fun they had making it! You can buy some great WD t-shirts on line I'm thinking of getting one lol!πŸ˜‚ huff xxx

  • Great me too! 😁😁 xxx

  • I like playing keyboards and guitar and singing, collecting post cards, and reading (mainly mysteries and adventure stories plus books about the old post cards in my collection). At the moment I'm reading "The Shiny Night" by Beatrice Tunstall, about the Image House, a cottage in nearby Bunbury. See mythsandlegendsofcheshire.b...

  • Let me tell you a little story.

    I had paid off a ship in Liverpool after quite a long voyage and decided to have a couple of weeks in the Ilse of Man. I liked it so much I decided to stay longer but as the money was a bit low I took a job with the Douglas refuse team. One day they sent us out to clear out a house where an old lady had died and not to put to fine a point on it, it was in quite a mess.

    Whilst bagging all kinds of stuff I found a large cardboard box with hundreds of post cards some with writing on some blank that seem to go back well before the war.

    Stupidly I failed to see that they could have value and took them all to the tip.


  • You live and learn, Gus. Someone once told me, if people didn't make mistakes they wouldn't make pencils with erasers on.

  • Very very true.


  • You didn't hear me say to sedentary gustavski! It's got to be Grandchildren on my knee (cue for a song!) on my recliner 1st followed by I pad. I'm with the Aussie comedian all the way, though do try and do some exercise when I can. Xx

  • First and foremost I like being alive - all other likes are a just a bonus. Plants, flowers, animals, especially cats, food, wit, wisdom, family, tradition, good manners, justice and all manner of other bonuses though not necessarily in the order that they come to mind.

  • I like hanging out with my grown children as equals now. Sometimes we are adult to adult, sometimes like a bunch of little kids again! At home it is all about my master Lilith, who has me wrapped around her paw ;) I also like my fairly new hobby of collecting/playing with pachinko and pachislo machines and helping others to fix their new finds.

  • God Almighty I must sound like Rip Van Winkle who wakes up to a strange world.

    What on earth is pachinko and pachislo.


  • Okay Gus, here it is!! This is my take on what has become a hobby for many globally.

    A Pachinko machine resembles a vertical pinball machine, but has no flippers and uses a large number of small balls….(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pachinko)

    Pachislo or Pachislot is also referred to as a skill-stop slot machine on which you press buttons to stop the spinning reels. Another recreational arcade game played here.

    Scroll down to see examples of both here…(http://dragonfly-amusement.com/index.shtml)

  • But you do not have the actual machines. Am I right in saying you do this online. Online games like Solitaire or some such.

    I note in the news that people are playing pokemon go and wandering into all kind of places that they shouldn't be.

    Maybe I should get a smart phone and walk around with my head down and my thumbs going like the clappers from hell.


  • Lets just say that I have a very large two bedroom apartment that seems very small for just me and the cat! ;)

    I go online to a few forums and interact with others in the hobby.

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