Been struggling

Sorry for not being around recently folks. I've been really struggling of late with my breathing. These last couple days especially. My wife said she noticed around yesterday lunchtime that I was breathing really hard (although I hadn't noticed it myself by that point) but by last night I was so weak, my wife had to help me shower. I couldn't even wash myself, I just didn't have the energy.

Today hasn't been much better and when I checked earlier it was 25 degrees temp with 58% humidity! No wonder I'm having a hard time at the moment. Lucy said if I'm no better by Monday she's taking me to the doctors.

Anyone else suffering at the moment?

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Good afternoon Symes. You really are suffering...and I don't know where you are, but air quality is very poor this week where I am - it really knocks the stuffing out of you. Try to stay cool, drink lots of water and tomorrow it will rain and maybe be a few degrees cooler. I am looking at my lawnmower - sitting perfectly still in the middle of the grass, and that is where it will be staying until this evening. Your wife sounds a lovely lady. You are lucky. If you find yourself in difficulties don't hesitate to ring 111 for an ambulance..

My good wishes

Thank you Jennifer. I'm in Enfield, North London. And it really does feel like there's no air here. But you're right, my wife really is a wonderful lady. I don't know what I'd do without her.

Yes, Symes the last few days especially hard and that's with oxygen ! Jennifer is right in that rain is due and afterwards,fingers crossed, it will be less humid. Hope this eases your breathing too.

US-Temperarture 89--Dewpoint 90-Feels like/heat index 130-humidity 99% An absolute horror of a day--Dangerous --Northern plains of US where I am-Dangerous--but sweet sweet rain tomorrow will bless us and temps in 70s Hang on Its coming MmeT

I hope so too. Thanks Squirrel.

hi Symes...could be a few different reasons for your breathing to worsen. .best to get checked out a s a p. ..

am feeling the same as you at.the moment. ..

take easy untill you see your doctor. .


Thanks Andy. I'll do my best.

Sorry you are unwell Symes. I have been suffering with heat, humidity & hay fever for most of the summer. My copd/ asthma does not like this. So get excaccerbations. I never thought I would say this but role on Autumn & winter. I find it easier to keep warm in the cold weather than cool of in the heat. Rain is.due, blessed relief. X

Hi SL---Miserable summer--Ill take winter anyday--feel so much better when the air is crisp and clean---the world is quieter--so I sleep better too--im with you on this one all the way--MmeT

Aren't we dreadful wishing for Autumn as we dont get along with the heat etc. Never happy me ! Tried to do a simple chore today and blow me down with a feather- along came my old mate "excaccerbation". Just so horrible. I dread them. Hope the rains come and change this humid air.

Thanks Scorpio :) Autumn is my favourite season. Winter isn't great either as I suffer if it's too cold as well. One extreme to the other lol. But hoping the rain does make things a tad easier x

Even though it's in the 90's here with about 60% humidity, the real problem is a high pollen count. ๐Ÿ˜ข

I take weekly shots for my hay fever and allergies. I do very well with these - very few symptoms. Have had the shots for over 20 years - some people can go off the shots for a while, but I need to have them regularly. I can miss for a few weeks, like when I am away from home, and have no problems - but I start back up when I return.

Good morning Bettz, I use Flonase and take Singulair. They help a little, but no shots for me I afib and they would raise my heart rate too high.

grannyk3 ๐ŸŒน

Hello Symes. Yes! The humidity makes me feel like I have a wet blanket pressed on my face. For sure it makes everything worse. I hope it gets better for you soon. Sending happy thoughts.

Cas xx ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ‡

I seem to be the opposite.

It's the cold mornings that triggered the sob that lead meto the doctor to find I have COPD.

The heat doesn't bother me at all. Nor humidity.

I did spend 6 years working in a North Carolina hoisery mill dyehoue, temps in the 100+F range and sweaty buckets humidty. Must have adapted.

I hate winter!

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