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Just my luck

Hi everyone

Have not had s spirometry lung test this year yet because i have got to go into hospital for a new hip.

Its just my luck when i was diagnosed with copd back in jan 2013 i really tried to be more attive to look after my lungs more so joined a gym and was doing really well on the treadmill and got better and better over 3 years and my lung fungtion seemed to inprove has well and sometimes could jog for a mile in 12 mins but think i may have over done it because i can hardy walk now and had to pack up work and been told i need a new hipp due to wear and tear so after 6 months i am now going into hospital for this operation this Thursday, so am a bit nervis but just hope i can maybe get back to normal things without any of this pain.

But breathing still not to bad.

Good luck everyone and try keep up the exercise


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Well done for keeping things going. But a bit of a bugger about the hip. I would take issue with anyone implying that you have overdone it. No, not true. It's likely to be genetic. I asked my doctor why I had arthritis. He just said: "You chose the wrong parents."

I had my right hip done beginning of 2010. And, unfortunately, that is why I am on this site. I did not get adequate thromboprophylaxis, (anti-coagulant to prevent thrombosis: DVTs and PEs). Got PEs that caused permanent damage to my lungs, in both the blood vessels and airways. The vast, vast majority of patients have excellent results from hip replacement ops. So I would not put anyone off, just make sure that you get the best treatment. Question everything, check out the history of the surgeon, and from my experience I would avoid the private hospitals like the plague as they do not have facilities for emergencies. It may be that your lung problems would mean that they would prefer you to have your op at a NHS hospital anyway?

All the best

K xx


What bad luck! Don't give up on the exercise though once you are fit to get back to it. It's a life saver. x


Wishing you well music and thinking of you for Thursday.

Great reply and advice from Katinka. Xxxxxx


All the best for Thursday and I hope your hip is pain-free asap...the exercise is good and hopefully you will be able to get back to it with more comfort.

Tee xx


music sorry to hear about your hip good luck with op you'll be like a new woman x


thanks for replys everyone



Best of luck with both of those. Will be looking for your followups.


Good luck.


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