Help with dealing with awkward service centres

Hi, does anyone have experience of dealing with "After sales service" teams.

My oven broke down last week, I have e-mailed the service centre three times and phoned the call centre five times to be promised yesterday they would call back lol

I am still waiting!

Aren't we supposed to lead a stress free life and eat well after COPD diagnosis?

I just don't know how to deal with their total lack of professionalism.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


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  • I forgot to say the oven is 8 months old

  • Go back to the shop you brought it from.

    Any goods should be expected to last a reasonable amount of time, and eight months for a cooker isn't reasonable.

    The shop is responsible not the manufacturer and should sort this out for you.

    You should get a replacement.

    Google the sale of goods act, print it off..highlight the sectionns that apply to you, and go an give it to the shop manager.

    Tell. Him you want a replacement, and if you get no joy you are taking it up with the trading standards department.

    Stand your ground, good luckxx

  • Many thanks velvet

  • Having worked in a shop selling ovens etc. We would have always recommended that you contact the manufacturer/repairer direct as that way you can book a callout without any to or frowing but in your case i would go into the shop and explain that you have repeatedly tried contacting the 'authorized repairer' without any joy and that you now wish them to take over and arrange the callout.

    Take your receipt and any additional warrenty details with you. Dont be fobbed off it is their responsibility to deal with it as it is in the shops own guarantee period. The guarantee probably states repair rather than replacement unless they cant fix it.

  • I agree with you but the buyers contract is with the shop, not anyone else. x

  • Many thanks Lisa

  • Many thanks, after all your advice I decided enough was enough and got straight on to Candy service line again. They didn't know what hit them.

    I have a new oven being delivered tomorrow.

  • Yes ! Yes ! Yes !

    Result Steve....Well done.

    Candy 0...Wellaners 1


  • Excellent result. Always approach the shop item has to be suitable for the purpose for which it was intended.

  • Thanks Jennifer

  • Thanks Velvet

  • have you tried twitter or facebook. That seems to work :)

  • Good for you. Hope you remember to get your receipt updated or a new one for the new oven when it is delivered. if not get the driver to sign and date to say he has delvered a new replacement one on your original receipt.

  • I will Lisa, many thanks.

  • Hi Steve

    My advice will probably be too late on this occasion but in future register your chronic health condition. People with chronic health conditions get priority care when any of the utilities fail, power cuts etc. I am sure it will help speed things up if your cooker broke.

    I have boiler cover and they came out within 2 hours last time. If they can't fix it I can stay in a hotel.

    We need all the help we can get.

    Take care


  • Many thanks, I will remember your comments, I am in the early stages of COPD so I am getting used to the lifestyle changes I have to make to slow down the progression. I guess I am old school, when I expect service centres to actually do anything!

    Thanks again


  • The best suggestion I can m,ake is call your local trading standards, who will tell you the proceedure or if you paid with credit card call the credit card company, my experience is one of much the same in this day and age take your money but no back up when things go wrong, There are some good companies but they are few and far between. Professionalism does not seem to exist and customer care is poor in some companies. Good luck with getting it fixed or replaced. Cant even rely on repair insurance these days.

  • Many thanks Katie

  • Many thanks for all your replies, My new cooker arrived at 8am today, its now installed and working.

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