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Toothache & Cold Sore

Toothache & Cold Sore

What have I done to deserve that :(

Last cold sore I had was in my youth and that was going back quite a tad BUT could it be good luck OMAN.

What do they say if visited by a angle pain followed by joy WELL guess we can only see BUT toothache is defo the pits eather way.

Talking of rank cold sore's THEY say the a sign of unhealthy immune system ALSO they have completed stage three trials into cold sore virus curing cancers of various types

Defo one to keep your eye on

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I hate toothache Daz. When I get it, it always gives me earache as well.

I hope yours eases quickly.

The trial looks promising, cancer is becoming too common now and is definitely the one scientists need to be throwing everything at to try and find a cure. xx


Ouch! Not nice either way. Take care. Xxxx


Hi. Sorry to hear about your clod sores, have you tried applying T.tree oil with a cotton bud directly to cold sore, also works for toothache 6 drops o a half a glass of warm water as a mouth wash.

Worth a try.


So sorry you have toothache; really nasty & painful. Hope the toothache & sore clear up soon. X


Oooooh nooooo, cold sores, how horrid!

Lysine works wonders for cold sores. It is the only treatment which works for me!

Available on the Internet from Tumeric and Honey.

Best wishes,


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